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  1. Ok thanks everyone for letting me know
  2. I think it would be more convenient if you could take the ammo out of weapons to put it in your own gun or to pass it to a friend. To get the ammo is to ammo check it (holding R) then pressing it again while in the ammo check then it drops the ammo in front of you. Let me know what you think!
  3. Thanks for the config! I'm going to use this to try and play splitscreen!
  4. You could just ammo check your weapon and you could distinctively see the ammo that the weapon uses at the hud.
  5. I have an idea for a new gamemode. There are 2 teams. They each have to survive from the zombies while trying to kill the other team. 1 team are bandits and the other is survivors. This could also just be survivors vs survivors. The team that survives wins. You could just defend at a base until the other team dies, hunt the other team or wait for them so you can ambush. You have to be tactical in this gamemode, because you could have a big ammo cache and someone could defend so the other team doesn't get it and so on.
  6. This idea is nice. It should be so the more stuff you carry the slower you get. Its a great idea because it adds suspense to the game, lets say someone had full inventory and everyone started running but then the guy with full inventory is really slow then it makes a choice for the other players you could ditch your friend OR help him out. The person with the inventory also has choices, he could keep trying with all the inventory OR sacrifice some items to avoid getting killed.
  7. Its an ok idea. I like the bandages and brass knuckles but sword knuckles? I know what you mean by the animation and abilities, it could be like a grapple or a special attack BUT may be too op
  8. I second this but it would take a long time to make this. They would have to make more models for separate body parts, clothes and hair and stuff. Also the textures. Plus the character customization would take some time to make. The characters might look derpy too. I already like the original survivors anyway
  9. I like this Idea and I think they should add blocking. You could press both mouse buttons or just a key on the keyboard. The blocking wouldn't be op too. They could make it so it uses the same stamina as sprinting so if your character is really tired and a zombies going to attack you and you block, you take full damage or your character can't block. They could also make it a separate stamina bar but it is a lot shorter or the block helps a little bit. or they could make the block short with no stamina so you have to block at the right time when the zombie attacks so you could fail the block. LIke a 1 second block. You can already shove with v
  10. I like this idea. I think IF they were going to add a physical object it should be a power generator because if the zombies destroy the generator the lights will turn off(Anything that uses electricity in the map), as a consequence to players not defending zones. So this would encourage the players to actually defend the zones. This could also be some kind of new gamemode too where you have to keep the generators on for a certain amount of time to complete the level by powering something.