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  1. http://store.steampowered.com/app/17710 I've seen this game when it was on sale for 2,49€, and since I found the fps/rts hybrid idea interesting I thought I would give it a try, wouldn't lose much money anyways if it would be bad. What a great decision! It turns out this is an amazing and well designed co-op game, it is definitely not what one would expect from a 2€ game, it is rather a 20€ game. The gameplay provides a lot of room for in-depth teamwork with a variety of classes and weapon kits, all suited for different situations, and it is decently balanced. Playing this with friends and good communicating commanders on both teams gives quite an intense outcome. You will be fighting for key positions and pushing back of waves of enemies with commander support, you will get behind enemy lines and assasinate their commander or sabotage their power-grid so your fellow players can rush their positions, you will be going after resource points with your squad to ensure your commander gets resources, ... Each match is different and highly dynamic, depending on what strategy the commanders and soldiers choose. Playing on the same map is never the same thing! Which brings me to another point: maps. I can't stop getting surprised at how well the maps are designed in this game. They are full of detail, full of alternative paths, full of hidden places you can use to get an advantage, and the atmosphere is just awesome. The only problem of this game is its small player base. Most of the time there are one or two full servers of 32 players each, and steamgraph says there are 100 players at peak times/evenings. If you like the idea of fps/rts hybrid games then you should definitely check this out! It goes on sale very often, and even for 9€ the price is still a joke considering what you get. If you watch the store videos and you think it could be cool, don't hesitate! The game is so much better than it appears in those videos! It is a shame that this game does not get more attention. Only you can change that! Grab your friends and get Nuclear Dawn! NOW!
  2. I noticed this bug quite a few times now, it affects all items which have usage animations (pills, bandages, ...): For instance, if you have bandages in your invetory, then you equip them and use them. But during the animation of bandaging yourself, you switch the weapon before the animation has finished. What will happen is that the bandages will fix your bleeding, but they will remain in your inventory. You can equip them again, but when you try to use them a second time they will finally disappear. How about disabling weapon switch during those animations?
  3. My suggestion: Consider the case when player A and player B are near each other, and they talk through chat. If no one of them has a walkie-talkie, then both know that they are near each other. However, if both of them have a walkie-talkie, they do not know if they are close to each other or not, i.e. they cannot distinguish "normal" chat from "distance" chat over walkie talkie. I've had quite a few situations where this knowledge would have been beneficial. I would suggest adding some markup to the chat, either change the color or have some prefix, so that the chat would look like: Player A (Walkie-Talkie): blabla. So that people know when they are actually using the Walkie-Talkie. Please consider, as its not hard to add I guess. Example situation: We have a team of 8 players. Player 1 has a walkie-talkie and is far away from the 7 others. The 7 other players are all close to each other, but only one of the 7, player 2, has a walkie-talkie. Now player 1 says something which is addressed to all players. But only player 2 will get the message, and since it will look like "normal" chat, he might think that everybody else has read the message. Which is a mistake. Even if he knows that the others don't have walkie-talkies, just because it looks like normal chat one usually thinks that everybody can read it. If player 2 would know that this was a message sent by walkie-talkie, he might figure that he has to forward the message to the others.
  4. Looking forward to the update. I have a small suggestion though, and I think I speak for many server hosters: It would be awesome if you would add a sample server.cfg file to the server files which contains all (relevant) cvars concerning game modes, respawn tokens, etc. As it is right now, as a server host I have to go through each change log, and then search (sometimes guess) the new cvars in the server console and then create a server.cfg. Especially since there are usually new/changed cvars in the updates. You would make hosting a lot easier that way, please consider it
  5. It would be great if the devs could just release an official list of cvars each time there is an update instead of having the community guess them btw, is it possible to force tokens to reset each round like it was before? The news system is just too easy.
  6. http://www.sourcemod.net/ Install and read the doc. For ban type /sm_ban <name|id>. To turn on/off friendly fire use mp_friendlyfire 0|1
  7. Hey guys, I'm a pvkii beta tester and just recently discovered this mod. I'm looking forward to that big release, hope it won't take long