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  1. Sorry, it's my first 'fan fiction', and i didn't know how to write his lines.... :-/
  2. The Living Dead A Fan Fiction by Oliver "Ollie" Sørensen The Beginning....It was Tuesday the fourth of June....the year, 2013...Sam and his parents were going out camping...but something was wrong, everything felt a bit sadder than usual.....Sam didn't think too much about it, he just sat in the car and they drove off. When they were halfway there, and stopped to go to the toilet, and get some sandwiches, Sam saw a old fellow walk strangly down the left side of the road, Sam thought it was a drunk, or someone that was as high as he'd ever been. They then drove the last miles to their camping spot, but there was something wrong, Sam didn't see any kids running and screaming, didn't see any girls walking and talking in their phones, or standing still texting every minute, and didn't hear any parents shouting to their kids. "What's wrong dad, why isn't there anyone here?" Sam said quietly from the cars backseat. "Maybe everyone is late, because of a hards day work yesterday". Sam didn't know what to think, and didn't know what to do, so he just sat back and relaxed with his eyes shut. "What in the h-" Sam opened his eyes, only to a horrific sight, the front of the car was filled with blood and the windows were cracked. "Sam, get down!" Sam's dad shouted. Sam threw himself down, and shut his eyes, and covered his head. He heard a smash, and felt a bump, then something pulled him very hard backwards, and then he flew forward. He was now on the bottom of the car, and the car had hit a tree. Sam opened the door, and crawled out. He looked around, it was about to get dark in a couple of hours. Sam walked over to the side of the car, but both of his parents were gone. He reached in the broken window in his mothers side, and found the gun that was in the glove compartment. He checked for bullets.....four....Sam walked along a road, that led to their camping spot, he walked further and got to the house where the check-in was. He pointed the gun, checked the safety, and checked every corner, no one was here. He ran into the kitchen and opened the fridge. Full of food, fresh milk everything he needed. He checked the house one last time before he shut all windows, locked all doors, and drew the curtains over the windows. He ate the sandwiches he couldn't eat when he and his parents stopped. Then he drank some water, and fell asleep on the kitchen floor.....he was just going to close his eyes for a minute...... Day 1....​Sam woke up because of a banging sound on the front door. He walked out, looked through the curtains and saw a black man. He opened the door slowly, and asked what he wanted and why he came. "Hey, kid, let me in, they're coming!", "Who are you?!" Sam shouted, "Yo, chill kid, my name is T-Dog, what's your name?", "Sam, okay T-Dog, what's going on? where is everybody?", "Yo man, let me in, i'mma tell you everythin'!", Sam opened the door and helped T-Dog in. "Okay, so who are you and what's going on?", "Man, i'm just looking for shelter, and safety from those things!", "Things? What thing-" A window broke close to the door, and a face full of visable flesh came through it, "Oh......" Sam stood there, watching as the zombie came through the window. "Yo man, you better shoot that damn thing!", "What happeneds if i don't?", "What'chu think'll happened dog?! They gonna eat ya, like a fucking Happy Meal, that's what'll happen!", Sam took his aim, and sent a bullet straight through the eyes of the zombie, it instantly fell to the ground, not moving at all. "Yo, nice aim there dog", "Thanks" Sam replied. "So, the names T-Dog", T-Dog said, giving Sam a knuckle. "I'm Sam...we were supposed to camp here, but something went terribly wrong when we were about to check in", "Yo, same story here man, i just drove through that shit, but i hit a zombie and-", "Hold up, what's a 'zombie'?", Sam asked. To be continued.......