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  1. This looks like a place I can put some work into. Here is my first wallpaper. It is simple just involving a logo and some colour red as well as blood. http://imageupper.com/i/?S0200010090011S1369814626977664 I know there will be haters as it is extremely basic but oh well. For those that do like it. Enjoy
  2. My idea for the nmo was very similar. I like where your head is at grasn. I got lazy and did a google search for the prison they used for the show then I tried to get the blueprints of it. Unfortunately for obvious reasons (Although it was about 3:30am when searching after a 14 hour shift) they don't allow the blueprints of prisons online for public viewing. Stupid me for trying to find them, if I get a knock at the door and men with Interpol badges I'm more than sure they will be understanding . I like your dedication Pork its really good. I feel bad as there would be more mapping for you to do in order to make it an nmo though.
  3. I was going to create this map awhile ago but couldn't find enough images to my liking to use as a reference. I love how you have done the layout of this map. If possible are you turning this into a objective map as well? Just if you did I would like to through some ideas towards you from when I was planning out making it. Anyway was a damn good play. Well done Pork.