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  1. I was thinking something like the alternate ammo types in L4D2. (You pick them up, they stay in your inventory, and then you're able to deploy them somewhere else, and then depending on what it is perhaps you can pick them up again when you're done.) Depends on the lore. As far as I know the classic zombies popularized by George A. Romero (which the zombies in No More Room in Hell are based on for the most part) react to light as well as sound.
  2. I thought it would be neat if you could find and pick up utility items that you can set down and use somewhere, perhaps with their own special functions and for some they are able to be toggled and such, and what they are depends on where you find them. Perhaps maybe even able to be crafted somehow. A few examples: Floodlights (Probably would be placed similarly to L4D2's ammo types, but entirely in first person, can be toggled on or off. Probably could be used as zombie bait.) Bear traps (Placed down the same way, turns zombie into a crawler in addition to doing some damage. Only can be used once until reset manually, which would take a while.) Shotgun traps (Can be placed like a barricade. Could probably only be achieved by some sort of crafting, using a shotgun, and atleast one round, and other stuf. Probably should be expensive so you can't just have them at every door.)
  3. Lee-Enfield (Would unfortunately require a new ammo type, .303 British) XM-29 OICW (Extremely rare assault rifle with night vision scope and grenade launcher (probably don't make the latter functional) Winchester M1887 (Extremely rare Terminator esque lever cocking animation pls) Colt Detective .38 Special (Snubnose Revolver) Chiappa Triple Threat 12 Gauge (Triple barrel shotgun for the lols)
  4. Oh, okay. I figured it wouldn't be added, I just thought it to be a neat idea and decided to post it to see how people thought of it. It would only really be a thing people would use often in Survival or something. Perhaps tables where people can craft, similar to Medical Crates.
  5. Please hear me out on this before commenting "butt dis isnt moynkraft m8". Thanks. Also if you think this is stupid then go ahead and think that. c: Anyways, here's the idea/suggestion: I think what would be neat is the ability to find several scrap items, such as rags, duct tape, and such, and use them in combination with certain items to craft new items such as weapon attachments. Similar to the crafting system in recent games such as Alien: Isolation, The Last Of Us, or Fallout 3+New Vegas. I know NMRIH is a slight bit too fast paced for it, but I still think it'd be neat nonetheless. Here are a few examples I came up with (MIGHT ADD MORE): So yeah, this is the little suggestion/idea/thing I came up with. Take of it what you will.
  6. Perhaps it could use animations instead of ragdolls? (Yeah, it'd look wonky when setting them at edges, but it might fix the server-side issues.) EDIT: Oh crap, I just realized it would look wonky when you first pick it up.
  7. Ooh. That would be neat.
  8. Maybe some sort of balance would have to be added for that. I don't know what the balance would be, if it is included then the NMRIH developers might have to decide what to do to balance it.
  9. nms_wd_prison Cold, dark corridors Halls warming with the undead Guys, get your flashlights nms_silence Hordes of infected Swarming the church en masse To kill, not to pray (Sorry, didn't realise you already made one for Silence :c) nms_hershels_farm Middle of Nowhere Haven wrapped in wood fences I hear them coming
  10. What would be neat for the next version of NMRIH is the ability to use the corpses of deceased players (if they don't re-animate, and were killed in other ways besides by a zombie, such as suicide) as zombie bait. Perhaps you can carry their bodies then set them down somewhere else, and if possible, it could be like how it works in Dishonored or how bags work in Payday 2. If zombies notice the body (regardless of whether it was picked up or not), they'll swarm over to it and eat at it for a minute or two before going off to do other things such as attacking other survivors, leaving a heavily mutilated corpse that is unable to be picked up.
  11. I apologize for the stuff I did on here in the past. (Like, two years ago.) I was a stupid, stupid, /STUPID/ kid back then. :c

  12. No but I'll make one.
  13. At least I tried. (I'll try and get better than I am now, I promise.)
  14. Here's something I made 2 hours ago:
  15. I made it a long time ago, and I didn't know how to do proper lighting back then, I'll make an actually good scene later.