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  1. Can't go to walmart and grab them right now. Not in the US anyway. There hasn't been many boxes of .22 or .223 or really any damn ammo type. and when you can find them, the .22s cost 12 bucks per damn box. I don't know why our government bought all the damn ammo from us, but i suppose its just a way for them to *attempt* to reduce gun violence on the peoples expenses seeing as how we are paying for the billions of dollars that the government spent on ammo through our taxes. Sigh... so im assuming its abundant and cheap up there in Canada huh.
  2. there should be a way for the website to ban you from posting until you have read the posting rules. Of course, most people would scroll down to the bottom and accept terms and conditions, so make sure that by accepting the terms, you (maxx or other admin) have the power to delete profile, ban from nmrih, and have possession of their first born son.
  3. Man i was reading your posts joe and i was like "shit i just went through this crap a month ago". Got Depressed blew off the world. Heard the same old crap over and over. "You need help, you need to see a therapist, you need medicine." Screw them. Whining about how you need to go see help does jack squat. A person needs to overcome the obstacle on their own, otherwise they never learn. I pulled through my depression on my own. No drugs, or therapy. Had the chance to blow my brains out, but i didn't. People just need to learn that a person must seek help on their own. I was forced to a therapist when the crap started and first thing he said to me was that i needed to be institutionalized because of my test results. I denied everything and just walked out because i thought he was full of it. But after learning about it on my own I decided to get help from the people i wanted. Joe, you and me are a lot alike. And it ain't the intelligent people that worry you. It is the people you know. They are the ones that care about you and would do whatever it takes to help you, including lying cheating etc. And it is because of that emotional attachment that they are blind and only make matters worse. I ain't gonna tell you to do jack squat because its up to you. You decide when to break out of this, not someone else. But if you do want help, you get to decide who helps you. I broke through this and you can too man. Good luck.
  4. Hahaha love all of these beautiful guns. My family actually own a significant number. More than all of you combined. I get half of the elegant tools when i hit 21. But let me tell yuh, the stuff we have will make you crap your pants. Stuff even more amazing than Joe's minigun. and thanks to my father being an avid gun collector since the 70's, all legal. As of now, i am trying to get the AR-7 for my bug-out bag. Short, 3.5lbs, and damn accurate. And all at the great price of $300 retail. Of course being a stingy jew, im trying to go to the gun shows to get them for about $150-200. However, after seeing that UTS-15, i may just be saving up for that puppy. You guys should also consider adding that cx4 and some of the other guns here to game, add to the fun with people saying "Hey i own this baby!".
  5. Crawler zombie should be added. I know there are legless headcrab zombies in half-life so it shouldn't be that difficult to add. Though im no expert.
  6. Everyone buy this f***ing game! I recently played and completed this before it came out on steam and it is amazing. It shaped videogames as they are today. And along with the great gameplay and rpg mechanics, it has one of the best antagonist in gaming history.
  7. I have lost count of how many times you have posted these pictures. Your jokes are old and require updating. The new material should be equivalent to that of adobe updates in terms of time.
  8. Well then the lmg would not be used. And i see people eventually doing it eventually when they realize the devastation it holds. I know i would. But not really a purpose for a machine gun until the game can handle more zeds or there are new enemies. Speaking of which is there a plan for enemy humans like bandits or is this simply going to be zombies?
  9. I think survival should be broken down into two game types. One being survival with no areas to defend with limited supplies and you are trying to live for x amount of time before helicopter arrives. And another being base where you have to defend your base and key points of it against a horde and wipe out the enemy where you have a lot of supplies to start but they are finite (No air drops).
  10. To be honest, I don't think mgs are even needed for a while. Zombies are easy to kill and out run so its not really a necessity. But if you add some more mobs like bandits and looters (which would make it a bit more challenging due to them shooting back at you) then there is a stronger need for more automatic weapons. I created this topic more on the basis of cooperative mechanics in game and the belt fed teamwork was an example. Still... would be fun as hell to have 200 bullet box mag mowing down every zombie in the area.
  11. Ahh my beautiful first post/topic on this forums. Been on the forums for a few months and decided to make an account to fully enjoy your guys' insults and ridicule. Anywho, I feel that this game could benefit from a few cooperative mechanics. As stated in le title, the m60 could be a good start. Now with military being all over the place, it would be highly likely to find a lmg (most likely a m249 or mk48) but an m60 is still popular in US military. So the proposal to add such and op killing gun would to be to make it a 2 person gun. One would have to fire it while the other feeds ammo. Along with slowing you down significantly, it should cause a decent balance (the only problem to consider would be ammo but it could just start with a large amount). This would help make the game more of a team effort because honestly, everytime i play it's everyman for himself. But for god sake's this is a zombie apocalypse and you are going to need help to survive. So along with the m60(and in terms of mechanics for it think Gears of War 3's Vulcan), you could possible have areas on the map where extra supplies could be that would require two people to get to it (I.E. an area high up that requires someone to boost another up). So with this said i finish my first post/topic. BRING ON THE HATE MAIL B****!!! and have a fantastic day.