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  1. Should there be a "game instructor"? (valve games have it) *its basically pops up on the HUD and instructs you on how to interact with the game. - flashlight/weapon combination by pressing the F key, how to barricade a door, FEMA bags, Zones, Health crates. Sure people would understand how to do this through experience, but how steep is the learning curve supposed to be? It would be very beneficial to newcomers and it would only show up one time. - maybe a custom HUD and not the stock Valve game look to it? Obviously a custom HUD instructor would give it that unique feel.
  2. this is sad =( R.I.P.
  3. yea i figured that it would be all in one kinda thing.... lol i just seen a thread about the me winning biggest troll on forums hue hue hue wtf
  4. hey everyone the game is out on steam. if you can't find it then zombies must of got ya.
  5. im trying to innovate here.... stfu
  6. good idea, but not too sure it Maxx would like that... anything that actually modifies the survivors in any way. Other than nicknames. p.s. Maxx i decided to get the creative juices goin' and made an (almost complete) "Title" list.
  7. potato clan unite!
  8. Nope it's an in-game "Title" where you can show it off when you unlock it.
  9. here ya go http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=10134
  10. "Titles", It's where you can unlock these and show them off in-game somehow. Here's the list i've created so far. feel free to add and participate. ** NEW IDEA - Team Killer (kills non-infected player) - this will replace your title for 1hr, 3hrs, 1day, 2days, 5days, 30days, then perma team killer badge. Zombie Kills - # of kills unlocks title headshots - *Boom! Headshot / *Aim For Their Head # of killed zombies - *I See Dead People kill # of zombies in Survival Mode in 1 round - *Survival Expert / Gun Kills - # of kills with this weapon unlocks title handgun - shotgun - rifle - military & police guns - explosives - *Drop Bombs On Em / Melee Kills - # of kills with this weapon unlocks title claw hammer - *Nailed It baseball bat - *Batter Up / *Swing! Batta Batta sledgehammer - *Hammer Time fire axe - *Axe Me A Question / *Paul Bunyan's Cousin / *Noble Lumberjack maglite - *Light It Up / *Let's Light This Candle / *Light Em Up pipe wrench - *Wrench On That / *Threw A Wrench In The Works / lead pipe - *Someone Call A Plumber? / *Cleanin' The Pipes / spade - *Gravedigger / *Grab A Shovel chainsaw - *Timber! / kitchen knife - *Kitchen Ninja / * hatchet - *Hatchet Harry / *Hatchet Hitchhiker / *Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker?! crowbar - * machete - *I Stole Jason's Machete / 99 Prob. Dull Machete Ain't One Items / Pickups - # of pickups unlocks this title bandaid - *Just What The Doctor Ordered pills - *Pills Here! / *I Got The Cure / * wood plank - *Got Wood / gas can - Gas, Grass, or... / *Fill Er' Up / ammo - *Locked and Loaded / radio - *Is This Thing On? / *If You Can Hear Me... / Completed Map Steam Achievment Objective Broadway - * Chinatown - *Get Outta Town / * Cabin - Flooded - Favela - Northway - *Attention Shoppers... Isolated - *You're boss down there. I'm boss up here. / * We're Them, They're Us And We're Them Survival - insert survival map here Deaths - # of deaths will unlock this title death from kid zombie - *Just Kidding / *Childish / from infection - *Brain Dead / *I'm Not Feeling Well / *This fever really from zombie - *I Was Bitten / *Bottom Of Food Chain / *Noob / * death from falling - *I Believe I Can Fly / *Spread My Wings And Die / *I Died From Gravity Not Zombies first player to die - *Took One For The Team / *Zombie Bait / *Hey Someone Tripped Me! last player to die - *Like A Boss / *Sleepin With One Eye Open / *Last Man Standing Infection - # of ways infection is included will unlock this title player dies from infection - *Brain Dead / *...Brains! / *Can I Haz Ur Brain? / *Someone Tripped Me For Zombie Bait player kills infected player - *Are You Infected? / *You Been Bit? / *Had To Put E'm Down / player gets infected and lives - *Once Bitten Twice Shy / *Can't Kill Me / *Tough Customer / Gamemodes - # of times these map based objectives will unlock this title Objectives - # of times an objective is completed unlocks title flare gun - fire extinguisher - welder - firing a nuclear ICBM - entering key code - *1.2.3. Kill A Zombie / *Number Cruncher Survival - dufflel bag - *Extra Baggage / * set up health stations - *The Doctor Is In re spawn ticket use - *To Hell And Back board up windows and doors - *Bob Villa / *Nailed It!... To The Wall / 1st one to the heli drop - *
  11. well community lets come up with with some cool Titles!
  12. #1. Hungry for Po-tat-oes Zombie #2. Lost Crackhead Zombie