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  1. Brass knuckles would be awesome though, I already posted that in the new suggestions thread with pros/cons and ideas
  2. Looks like you have a lot of games, try deleting your clientregistry.blob and restarting steam to let it re-download it If that doesn't work delete everything in your steam folder except steam.exe and steamapps folder then just reinstall steam/update
  3. You should look at the spawn commands, so if someone joins they automatically spawn no matter how much time has passed, and if they leave the server and try to get back in they should wait 2mins
  4. Thanks for replying! Unfortunately I already went through all the basics and I'm creating more advanced things, lot of tips and a good community, my only wish now is to be in a ventrilo room with some mappers, but the community vent server seems a lil bit messy (room names wise)
  5. Thanks for the feedback you're all great I been watching unbrokenjack & a lot of 3klikphilips videos and some others here and there I'll definitely check ALL the links provided btw I chill in the vent community server, its kinda dull cause I don't know any other mappers in there OH and here's a little teaser on my map I did last night nmo_corridor
  6. Pros- Zombies heads explode Ammo is scarce Objectives are fun Chinatown yessss Maglight + Machete fun Cons- Survival seems dragged out & never ends bayonette is over powered Colt is also over powered...No reason to use magnum (Magnums slower and more difficult for ammo 1.06 maps) Can infinitely kite 2 running zombies (child & adult or 2 adults or 2 childs) Suggestions- (list or short paragraph.) BRASS KNUCKLES PLEASE!!!! Add better pathing for zombies (Possible running zombies for a versus mode?) Can kite zombies forever add a leap option for hunger and longer kiting? moreeeeee hype and advertising once NMRIH is on steam
  7. do it with fists! weapons are too easy
  8. Reminds me of http://re3.ninthworld.net/
  9. I hate to say this but I'm actually going to trash my first map...I got distracted by all these props and I never managed to actually make a barricaded door, there's too many overlapping textures underground and though my map could be a 5-10min nmo_map I don't think its worth the trouble for the players...thinking... "Wait, so that's it?" My main point is...I was learning all about visleafs portals etc and while I was doing that I was making my map and looking to make new things, the map just turned into a blender of a Learning experience with night time lighting, making a house, skybox and some other fun stuff like making my first sewer (Horrible experience making a sewer I need to review that) Still I want to know how to make water... Why my props won't show up in game... How to make a barricaded door... How to make a better dimensionally made house... and a lot of other stuff, so maybe when I'm pro at mapmaking I'll remake the map from scratch but at the moment I'm ganna start fresh. I just wanted to share this...so much time spent on that map but so little acomplished... To be honest I could just make it a survival map (but I hate survival...as it goes on forever and almost never ends/buggy helicopters) Wellp...I'm on to my new nmo_name! Ciao
  10. no offense...but that didn't help at all, you telling people to use the search function and not actually replying to the main post is stressful. At least give some tips or links or link me to an already made thread? Thanks. My main point is I want to discuss mapping with the map designer or some people that are map designing atm
  11. So I learned a whole bunch about mapping, I got really into it because I was inspired by the map _chinatown anyways, It would be nice to see little video's maybe 3-5mins long explaining some neat little tricks or theme/ideas to help map for NMRiH currently I'm only mapping for this mod, learned about visleafs/func_detail and some other stuff but it would be really nice like I said to add little videos explaining how you do your thing! Like applying barricades/zombie spawn/area portals etc SINCERELY :3 amateur mapper - hewa
  12. lol I did china town with just fists
  13. This topic is dedicated to my opinion and ideas on fists in NMR in hell Weapons Brass Knuckles etc Knife Knuckle/Sword Knuckle PhysX Strong Knockback on flexed (charged bare) fist Stronger Sway on pushbacks (with only bare fists) Tools Bandages for bare fists (so they don't get bloody and infected) Gloves for better grip on weaker weapons (knives/hatchet/pipe/crowbar) Animation & Ability's Grab hair and punch animation (uses 0.40 stam) Elbow and Uppercut (knockback moves consuming stamina) Double Poke in the eye....Blinding zombie (Slightly disturbing leaving the zombie blind...but can hear movement edit: Smashing zombies heads into walls and objects!!!!!! and thats all i have to think about for fists keep up the great work