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  1. I'll use this one for UDK... coz I done everything in somehow green tone
  2. At least I know, that I'm no good to go. That is something too
  3. hmm so it doesn't look good... well that's ok
  4. well.. they were made by hand.. oh and if you think on seams on biohazard I decided to leave it like that.. dunno I had some liking to it.. I could fix those fast with few more filters... as for wooden barrel shape.. I wanted to try different approach to it a little experimentation... but oh well
  5. sigh.. after few days of chase... all over the city... and still didn't found godfather :/ Well here are 2 simple and fast high poly models... I hope they are good enough and more will come soon
  6. well I would be worried if I saw artifacts on screen or temerature rising... as for noise... oh well just play some music when it's working over night
  7. you can do this...
  8. I had it with power supply.... I changed it.. yet as for GPU... first of all look if cooler is tightned.. if it rotate really easy.. that isn't so good
  9. well try to clean coolers.... first I do that every 3 months.. and this build work as a lion for straight... about 5 years.. (I fried my 8600gt with udk)
  10. No worries take your time I'm not in a hurry so.. and I was whole night playing isolated map with friend with just the 2 of us.. dunno who made it it's great map and can be played with just 2 players I saw biohard map project for no more room in hell, yet I would like to see resident evil 1 mansion map, in the same way as isolated
  11. oh I found on my hard drive some screenshots of alpha version of Areal.. mod for Alien Swarm that we never finished... http://i1191.photobucket.com/albums/z461/pirogoeth85/de_pandemonium0030_zps1ea18c70.jpg http://i1191.photobucket.com/albums/z461/pirogoeth85/test01b0023_zps9eb311d0.jpg http://i1191.photobucket.com/albums/z461/pirogoeth85/test01b0029_zps1278bd20.jpg http://s1191.beta.photobucket.com/user/pirogoeth85/media/test01b0016_zps965e48ba.jpg.html http://i1191.photobucket.com/albums/z461/pirogoeth85/test01b0022_zps22fe5d50.jpg
  12. Yup.... even so they frustrate me a bit.. however I look at them I start to like them less and less I might end up redoing them all again...
  13. sure thing I'll start to digg as soon as I need to
  14. well I know like basics.. as I did modeling for as SDK some tome ago... I can research a bit more... I know that it can take pretty good poly count.. and that I need to make collusion boxes myself, and basics like.. textures, normal mapping and specular maps.. other then that, I'll need to digg out further.. but that can be found out in no time as I think.. I'll need to look at vtf again and what I used to use..
  15. lol