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  1. And it would go far off the dark atmosphere of the game. Maybe for differenciation, we can have for example the black 1911, another one with wooden grips and a slide with greyish color, maybe a stainless steel beretta (which is kinda silver), a black S&W 686, a black ruger with wooden grips. That would be nice but nothing too far from the atmosphere of the game.
  2. That would be amazing. That would be the best thing they could do with this whole character thing, and as you said, I didnt suggest this because I think the dev team doesnt have the manpower or resources to do that, so it would be me just dreaming (still im not loosing hope, lol). Plus it would be one of the first Source mods which implements character creation (i personally never seen one before). Even if it was the most minimal character customization i would still love to see it.
  3. I think people (well... me atleast) are recommending 9mm or .45 pistols because maybe they don want to push the creators to create a whole new set of calibers just for a single gun and personally I think its awesome to have some variety on the same type of weapon caliber. Still that doesnt mean I wouldnt love to see new calibers in game. Thats just my POV.
  4. I think all characters change a little bit when they turn, maybe we can have his mask like broken? lol
  5. -Paintjobs would be really unrealistic, theres no need for differenciation. -In L4D2 each character has his own custom hands. And talking about NMRIH yeah it would be neat if we could see the accurate hands of our character. -this third idea is the one i liked the most, they could implement some "parkour" system in which we can climb things, do assisted jumps, and so on.
  6. I think because they are fun and from the realistic point of view there are many sources to get one in the zombie apocalypse situation and therefore you will be frequently seeing more pistols than anything else (well thats if we are just talking of firearms, because melee weapons are basically everywhere).
  7. These are some kind of characters I would love to see as playable: The prepper. This one would be like with all tactical gear and stuff but he is a civilian. (Image from STALKER) The paranoid. This guy was a scientist lost in the initial chaos and now he is fighting with fellow survivors, why paranoid? because he still wears his hazmat suit. The surviving soldier. He was left behind by his squad and now (as the one avobe) he is fighting along survivors. (somewhat similar to the soldier from 28 weeks later) The girl. Just a random survivor girl. I picture the character somewhat like this. (yes that is Zoey, lol) The hunter. This guy would be like all dressed up as a huntsman The businessman. This guy is still on a full tuxedo. (Aaaand yes this is hitman) I Hope you like my suggestions, thanks!
  8. These are my suggestions: WEAPON CHANGES: M16: swap the ACOG for an Aimpoint, why? So the red dot makes sense on the scope. Plus, since the M16 is the only fully tactical railed gun, I would add a flashlight so we can get light and shoot at the same time with this two handed rifle. Oh and remove all white writings on the gun and magazine, because thats tipical from an airsoft gun. For all semi-auto pistols: Add a front sight dot, lol. For all the shotguns: Add the rear sights. For the MAC-10: The "aiming" of the gun is incorrect, so fix the aim. WEAPON ADDITIONS: Pistols: We need to have a "hi-cap" .45 so i would add the Glock 21, its a fun and realistic choice for this game since a lot of law enforcement units and civvies use it. As for another 9mm pistol I think maybe the S&W M&P9, XD9 or a SIG P226. Rifles: The AKM. As for this one i would make it full-auto (so we have the first full lenght full-auto rifle) and it would act as a counterpart of both the SMG because this one will be high powered but slow rate of fire. Also it would share bullets with the SKS. The SCAR 16 (SCAR-L). I imagine this one as the semi-auto civvie variant of the rifle, and it would share mags with the M16. The M1A SOCOM 16. This would act as the semi-auto counterpart of the actual sniper in the game (so basically in game this would be fitted with a scope). It would share the .308 ammo. Shotgun: As for another semi-auto shotgun: Benelli M4 Super 90. Again, Law enforcement and civvies can reach to it with ease so it makes sense.