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  1. Riley thank you for understanding what I was trying to say.
  2. Hi, When I signed here, I have not been able to activate my account. Because I did not receive the activation email. So I would never have to register it without asking Maxx activate my account. That I'm doing wrong with the English, how could I contact you and ask for your attention otherwise? Try it yourself. I no longer need to debate on it and I do not have time ... I made a beginner's error. I assume. For my part, i have no problem. I just go home and I'll enjoy my Sunday evening to work on the inventory. Good evening to all.
  3. I do not think my addon can take your players... I wonder how we can conclude that. I'm not an enemy... I think you do not understand what is gmod. To do what? That? (Thank you for this scene Hisoka) I think I understand. And I have no intention of adding content to your NMRIH or advertising. I was using only 12 mdl zombie. It took me ten hours to remove all traces also on the 3 maps. 5x more to add and set the artificial inteligence. And if you change your mind, I do not have the courage began again. You can focus on your priorities. I wait for future update of nmrih.(to play) And sorry for my little level of English. And other problematic. You want an answer to what it changes your nmrih_zombie be removed? The number of subscribed increasing. Conclusion?
  4. I published the update. I deleted the zombies nmrih as desired. copy / paste [update _ 22 jan 2013] + improve the cmd. ! "STOP" to stop effectively + I deleted the old cmd. !Start, !nm and !slow (useless) + calibrer spawn for rp_atomic map with commande in chat "!ato" + spawn rate of zombie in gm_construct x2 - I deleted the zombies nmrih + add axe UPDATE SPAWNpoint: Updates the spawn points of the map Apocalypse.
  5. Why such a decision? I just use the zombies. All source modes are on gmod steam once, does it mean that you will be also ... Suffice it to just check a box. When your mod, it will be on steam. It will be in the list on gmod ... By checking the box, you can use the contained... It is also good for you because it makes you advertising. People who plays Gmod does not necessarily know nmrih. I've been to the advertising. II respect your choice, even if I do not understand. I thought you'd be cool with me. Fortunately hl2 is open source... Maxx it was that sent me.
  6. Sorry for my english not very well. That's right ouiji.
  7. Hi, I'm new to the forum. I did not know me or submit or post this or topics. But this is still NMRIH. I Nordahl, I live in France, I'm working on a game mode Garry's Mod, entitled Zmod recently. Before Zmod is entitled (reskinpack). I had 3 zombies and I was satisfied, I spent the evening with my good friends. We had to spawn zombies in half life 2 manually, but it was cool. I replaced just models half-life 2 and make an addon that removes headcrabs ... That was the beginning. As a result he had to improve it and create my own class Zombie. Behavior and my own spawn menu. In my own category "Nordahl NPCS." To get away from reskinpack. I am not a developer or programmer, but I discovered. But it's been six months that I'm working on my addon as hard and I always manage to get the result I want, to sacrifice all my free time and many sleepless night (and a liter of coffee (and in addition, it was grinding grain)). Therefore reskinpack has evolved into a NPCS_Pack, I had the idea of ​​bringing together all the zombies SOURCE that made me have a good time, ie. Those Zombie Panic source (controlled by artificial inteligence) Zombie Master (my first zombie mod) and the latest, NMRIH (which I looked forward to the next update). After all that successful. The addon has changed name, I renamed, SOURCE_NPCS_PACK. Then I started working on the HUD, hunger, thirst, endurance and objects that would have allowed me to be able to restaurers. There are people began to not be happy. There were two groups, those who wanted me to remove the HUD, thirst and hunger because they wanted my zombies but not that become a survival like. Other thought otherwise. So I had the idea to make a gamemode. Those who wanted the gameplay advantage could simply activate the gamemode at the title screen to enable the management of thirst and hunger. And others could just have my zombies in the same sandbox garry's mod without having to manage hunger and thirst. My Addon moved from category to NPCS_PACK Gamemode without me realizes it. And finally Batise Zmod Subsequently, I created the boxes with random loot molèles Crate half life 2 which is in gmod. And Randomspawn system. The craft of wood and the manufacture of barricade. In short, I do not know or will the project. We'll see. This presentation Zmod. Which is a series of hazard. I just wonder if I can now continue to use the model NMRIH Zombies? It would be very favorable. They have been operational since 11.14.2012. Zmod is the first mode that incorporates zombies NMRIH in garry's mod. And out of respect for your work I want your zombie Zmod. Otherwise, I would respect your decision and remove the contained. Stat: Here ZMOD: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=109691377 History of Update: http://zmod.guildjdr.com/t553-historique-des-mises-a-jours-history-updates