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  1. I want to say something here, that little setup was Demo's idea :3
  2. Hello, you can use the pointfile to find out where the leak is. Chances are the vmf your comrade gave you did not have any entities (brush or point both), thus leaks will NOT be detected. Under the "Map" tab on the top left.
  3. Now its just run down... jk, don't kill me. Its definitely spoopier., the extra damage there really helps.
  4. This does appear to be the case considering how there are a few player spawns in there (space is lacking for everyone to spawn from my estimates though).
  5. Huh, nevermind :s Yeah its probably a glitch in the matrix source engine.
  6. Did you make the water reflect all in advanced video settings? I'm pretty sure skybox objects are reflected in nms_midwest though, I have to check them out again.
  7. Great minds think alike eh :3 I do however recommend that this mechanic isn't used for mandatory objectives, the boards can be broken and there are a limited number (and the hammer can be lost).
  8. Hello, Steam has the ability to take screenshots and directly post them to facebook, simply press F12, exit the game and upload. Note that you need to sync your facebook and steam account first. Hope this helps!
  10. Or download the pre steam versions from moddb, might not be compatible when it comes to models though.
  11. Why does the area around the tabled look like its ingame o.o ... I need to go out more.
  12. You can always reduce the advanced graphics setting so you play with low settings. As for the subject of the post, the hammer got a texture reskin not a model. I am however not sure if we still keep the old texture somewhere... but you can always attempt to recreate and reskin it back again.
  13. Yes you can, just send a light_spot entity a "turnon" or "turnoff" input, or for the light entity just "toggle". It is however kinda unrecommended due how it inflates lightmap size. For examples ingame, you can check out nmo_toxteth, one of the kitchen lights in the starting houses can be toggled.
  14. I'm actually unfamilliar with the point_push and instead use trigger_push a lot more, I suppose you can try using that first see how it fares? As for your game text error, I'm not at all certain what is happening :\
  15. Chandeliers, many chandeliers :3 And lights in the middle of the arches (there are rpd props you can use). Love the arches you got there, brush heavy, but noice nonetheless.