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  1. Looking good needs some more light though, pretty dark. Although if the only main light came from street lights and houses, that would be pretty darn spoopy.
  2. Ah man this is awesome haha
  3. Strange, i have never been unable to close a program from the process tab no matter how messed up the exe is.
  4. Yaaaay and you seem to recognise me too
  5. Didn't look at my glorious mug on the wanted poster wall :C
  6. Someone is making the Abrasive saw though. *CoughSkaveriaCough*
  7. Yeah so far im thinking of doing Bowie Knife first because it will be quick and easy, then pickaxe.
  8. Considering the videos and stuff it seems like a smart idea.
  9. Ah whoops good point, edited now haha Yeah deffo, it would be logical with the dig back part.
  10. out of these Which one would you feel like being added next?
  11. Yeah I'm making my way through the melee list at least. Got the meat cleaver so far but I'll prob start another one soon. It may or may not look exactly like this.
  12. Yeeeah that stuff is looking real nice.
  13. Not too shabby, you definitely need to do some more anatomy sketches though.
  14. Yeah its a problem that's going to be recompiled with a new collision mesh