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  1. yes nmrih in a fantasitc mod that cannot have problems of player because it's great MOD .. leave Norhdal mantiain nmrih zombie in z mod..
  2. thanks for your reply ....waht about nms_toxteth that i seen on the signature of a forum's user?? other maps??
  3. Hi, I am my friends created a team to play this beautiful game.and we are searching for maps to add at maps that are in game.. last day we added these maps to original maps present in the game flowingdisaster frostbite gasstation genocide hershel's farm townhouse are there others maps completed and playable that deserve to e included in our rooster?? objective maps are appreciated.. thanks in advance and thank you for this beautiful game Great job leon
  4. solved after i did that Go to Control panel. Under "Network and internet" click the "view network status and tasks" now on the left side panel under "Control Panel Home" click "Change adapter settings". You should see Hamachi in this folder. press alt to bring up file menu and under "advanced" click "advanced settings". there u go ... now select hamachi and use the arrow on the right to bring it to the top of the list. i create the server and after stared the game i opended console and typed sv_lan 0, heartbeat, changelevel "namemap", and after mi friend can see and join my game thanks to all
  5. what?? can you explain me plaese.. sorry for my noob..LOL
  6. tried but dont work
  7. tried an i can see my friend when he starts a server (and he can see me whe i do the same) but when i try to connect to him an error message appear that says " LAN Clients are restricted to local area networks only"
  8. Must I type heartbeat or changelevel after I joined the server after i created It or before? wiht hamaci must I type sv_lan 1 or sv_lan 0?
  9. i have that message too with hamaci after I or my friend started a game , i obtain same message . so when I create a server and start a game my friend see me on "friends " tab in game menĂ¹ but when He try to connect to my server he obtains the message "LAN Clients are restricted to local area networks only." so please ..tell me the exact procedure 1) start the server and join the game 2) open console and type sv_lan 0 3) form console type changelevel nmo_broadway ( can i type the same map i'm playng at the moment or i must change map?) so after i rejoinden the server ..can my frieds see me?? question... my friens must be i the game before i do all passage or can enter in the game after??
  10. windows 7 ultimate 64 bit on both systems
  11. Hi, i'm new and i'm attempting to create a listen server to play with my friends. yesterday i tried with my friend but when i created the server he did not see my server we disabled windows firewalls and antivirus too opened tcp and upd 27015 ports too so when i created a server and choose a map after map started i opened console and typed sv_lan 0 commad from cosole and after restarted the map with command map "mapname" (in my case nmh_broadway) but after i made that my friend did not see me again.. he tried to do the same but i couldn't see his we tried with hamci too but it was the same... where am i wrong i followed all the guides that are on the forum but it is the same please help me!!! thanks in advance nb. sorry for my bad english leon