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  1. Well i was actually talking about the game itself and not the engine, every can do a swapped on any sources game depending of what game they are trying to do the decompile stuff, i actually do this for l4d2 too, and seems alot of people like it somehow, but for this game, no one yet or maybe some people could and some people fail or they just keep it for their own use, so when im done fixing stuff on this i will release for like a public use for anyone who want it or need it, its their decision to use it or not.
  2. Well as some people say, the female characters cannot be done without the enough people to do it such as the model dev and the texture dev and even the voice set for that, but, i try to do some female characters myself using the swapping thing and customizing one of the voice characters to test it out, seems a bit fine, but the player model looks a bit broken because it require its own animation for fit in with the player bones, the sdk player animation could work only for some male characters instead, i tried before, and seems everything okay for now, except for the hitbox.
  3. Hell, i like the models of nmrih such as the melee ones and some firearms as well, the reason of why i did this is because no one could ever could do this before or some people may do this, but some of them probably cancel their stuff for some reason, so i put my first step and learn all about modeling stuff for do the same of what they did, and i also im not going to just use this for myself, im going to even try to release this for public use depending if the people like it or not, this is some that it even helps me more to know about how the mesh it works and the rig stuff as well so, i hope you can understand and thanks for your time. PD: My english is not that great.
  4. Hey dont talk about the gloves, this is just about the weapon models lol, and well, i try to change the texture of the arms by putting it oakley gloves instead, and well, didnt went pretty well so.
  5. Yep i know they horrible but hell they something, and for people that likes csgo could be this for them but i could maybe use other models than this one.
  6. Well actually, this will only replace the default one, so if you have it and you make your own server with this files, other people will not download this becasue its not new instead its replacing the old ones, its hard to say because, with the steampipe thing, it have change some stuff and how they work.
  7. Well you can actually but only you can see it not everyone around you, because they need to have the skin as well.
  8. Well hello everyone, so after learning about modeling and compile stuff, try to do a weapon swap for all the nmrih weapons using the weapons from csgo one and this is how it looks, i just want to know of what you guys think if its good or bad or normal, they are not that pretty great but i just got the idea to do that so then after other couple of swapping i maybe release like a beta pack. And the ak is back in action lol sorry Maxx. So well this is all i have for now, i hope you guys like it or not, im not like very good at this but i hope some people can understand this.
  9. Riley will say about it when she have the time, i cant wait to see the new changelog.
  10. We can try single too, but its more better to try on server to see if the game for the client has like bugs or glitch you can noticed more faster playing on server for more time and also playing with more people if they have the same problem.
  11. Same, no progress about the selected people.
  12. Name: Curly Age: 17 Location and Time Zone: CO, GMT - 6:00 Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Twilighthuman/ PC Specs. CPU: Core i7-3770 3.4 GHz GPU: 1 GB Nvidia GeForce GT 440 RAM: 4 gb HDD: 1 Tb Western Digital OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Service Pack 1 Github: https://github.com/CurlySparkle Linux user? no. Server host? nope. Tester a game before? well just Dota 2 and garrys mod, so yeah. Level designer? well i work on the map call nms_town and work on one in a diferent mod called Obsidian Conflict so yeah, im basic at making maps. Oculus Rift? heck no. So yeah thats all of me. lol
  13. Finally some competition. :3
  14. Hello guys, i just want to show you that i make a sound replace, this will replace the voice of Captain Munky for Briar from killing floor and those replace the ammo check and reload and the radial stuff, if you guys want to see how sounds like here is a vid to show you, and for the people who don't know who Briar is, Here is an example vid of briar and his friends And here is the video of the voice of him in the game. Well and here is the link for download for now is on the dropbox, when i have time i will upload to megaupload, you know, the new one: https://mega.co.nz/#!48dWybBC!RrtNoS4JPPxKW0G9PZkd7FMkWr0y85KpMrZScz3qS3I And if the link dont work post below and well this is all i got, good bye and good luck guys, Twilight out.
  15. I will do that thanks