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  1. Hello, i downloaded the game, i did everything the instruction tells you to do and yet when i start the game, it freezes on the loading screen, i can see the NMRiH background and it says loading on the botton. I have tried waiting for a long time and nothing happens. What can i do? By the way, the game looks totally awesome and you have all my support. I can´t wait till it comes out on steam.
  2. Processor: intel® Core2 CPU 4400 @ 2.00GHz (2 CPUs) Ram: 4,00 GB Operating system: Windows 7 64 bit professional Graphic Card: Radeon X1950 Series I do have Source SDK Base 2007 installed, I also have installed Source SDK Base 2006 Ok i launched the game with the -nosound launch parameter and it freezes, just like before. And what do you mean with boots up? Sorry English is not my native languaje and im the biggest noob.
  3. Guys i have to say this game is really fishy to me. Let me explain: First of all, this company dosent have a website, i dont know about you guys but i have never heard of a game company that dosent have a website, that´s odd. Also i found it....weird that when Dayz becomes a popular game, and everyone starts buying it, Warz comes out saying, "oh we are the first company to make a zombie survival mmo" and "we have been doing this for a long time" the timing is just to exact and in this way they will make a lot of money. They could have at least have changed the Z at the end (WarZ-DayZ) . If they have been developing the game for a long time, and the game looks like the way it is, well your game sucks, it should be much better. And if dont believe me, why are there so many things that we dont know? like what´s your source? which game engine is it running on? what´s your project lead? I don´t know guys this seems very fishy to me. And it came out on steam for a couple of days, but the people that bought the game could not play it and got their money refunded. Look for information on the internet about this game, you will be surprised.