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  1. JoWood learning to net code? AHAH. Man you so funny, but yeah Starcraft two
  2. 21 points total
  3. 2d6
  4. 2d6+3
  5. Turn 10. This is the final turn of the first age.
  6. I look toward the southern continent and see barren mountain ranges of godly sizes and small scattered grasslands. I create sweeping plains in the shadow of the mountains as well as adding a small mountain range myself. -8 The insects that I seed these lands with are different than those of my other holdings. Instead of scattered prey and lone hunters massive hives holding hundreds of thousands if not millions of insects are formed. Though relatively small in size compared to their brethren scattered across the world these insects easily overcome their lack of stature through sheer numbers and the hives wage unending and unrelenting wars against each other.
  7. 12 points total Editing map
  8. 2d6+3
  9. Turn Nine Turn 10 will be the last turn in the first age so I suggest you guys focus on forming land instead of other bullshit. You in particular Relic.
  10. Forgot to go last turn, oh well. Rolled 15 had no points left from my last turn. I awaken from my short slumber and create fetid swamps bordering the plague gods realms. A bleak place where the sunlight is muted and my creations take on a darker approach in terms of looks and function. -12 points for six square edited leaving me with 3 remaining. Voting for a no go into the next age. Think two more turns of creation and that will do. I also ask Stabbity to at least color inside the lines when he edits the map.
  11. 2d6+3
  12. Turn Seven Moving on to turn seven as per the new time limited turns. Glad to see some more Terraforming. Cast your votes if you want to move onto the next age just by saying if you want to or not at the end of your post when you take your turn.
  13. Turn Six With stabbity and Noobbot finally going its now the next turn. We can now begin voting moving on to the next age but I would not recommend it until we fill the map out more. Weege can keep his roll before this post. In order to move this game along faster I am now making it so no turn lasts longer than 24 hours. All turns will now end at 12pm Eastern time, aka 9AM PST, aka 5PM GMT with or without me. So If I happen to miss it first person to go declares next turn. IF you miss a turn contact me and we will work something out.
  14. If Maxx is serious about quitting I suggest we cut the map in half. The map as it is now is far too large for the amount of players. Joe will get to move his whirlpool to another location and declaimer will get the points he spent on the bridge can be refunded . If Maxx is not serious about quitting I still say cut the map in half and he can move his jungles to another area. When the decision has been made this post will be deleted.
  15. Using 8 out of 9 points I shape more land. In an effort to breath more life into this world I begin creating marshes on one of the mainlands. Watching as my insects begin to spread to the nearby regions of other gods. Decided to spice up my lands with some additional color instead of just one shade of green and blue.