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  1. Is this even hl2 engine still? Delicious screens, can't wait.
  2. o rly?
  3. So with beta content removed it's left my map a pretty big mess. I gotta nuke all the beta stuff in favor of stable content. It's alot of work I don't feel like doing so idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ vent: just before the beta dropped i had everything textured and ready to go with vanilla content. Then the beta dropped and all these delicious goodies were in it so I worked as much of it I could into my map changing it fairly drastically. Now I have to go and undo all the re working I did and fuck am I dumb lol false alarm
  4. I've been really sick the past week, will be sorting this out when I'm better.
  5. I really love the firetruck objective, very very clever. Generally a very nice looking map especially the forest. The one issue I can't un-see is the repeating brick texture line in the sewer tunnel (might just be me).
  6. So, there's this very large railing in the nmrih asset pool from nmo_biohazard, and I more or less built a map around it trying to loosly re-imagine the first resident evil mansion. Here it is. You and up to 7 others find yourselves in a helicopter crash outside of a mysterious mansion within the woods. Players must seek refuge within the mansion to escape a large horde tearing a path from behind. Inside the mansion players will navigate all the various rooms unlocking secrets within them to progress. Should players figure their way out and remain in one piece, a laboratory awaits below. (soon)
  7. [waits patiently]
  8. dat detail tho, love when people bring up tiles from the floor.
  9. uhhh... Has this always been there? I think this is the first I've heard that this texture is missing.
  10. models

    I've been waiting a very long time for walking dead player models in nmrih, thanks.
  11. y-you used zombie entities instead of spawn brushes? Interesting.
  12. Pssst... Hey kid, got a new update for ya'. Don't tells nobody.
  13. damn, I guess the embed didn't work out, http://gamebanana.com/maps/194606
  14. Unfortunately while durkhaz was still releasing updates for this map the final one, v5, he forgot to re-add a second crate by accident. If I remember correctly the second crate was originally in the infected water section and when he edited it so the tnt would be able to spawn there, he removed it.