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  1. dat detail tho, love when people bring up tiles from the floor.
  2. uhhh... Has this always been there? I think this is the first I've heard that this texture is missing.
  3. models

    I've been waiting a very long time for walking dead player models in nmrih, thanks.
  4. y-you used zombie entities instead of spawn brushes? Interesting.
  5. Pssst... Hey kid, got a new update for ya'. Don't tells nobody.
  6. damn, I guess the embed didn't work out, http://gamebanana.com/maps/194606
  7. Unfortunately while durkhaz was still releasing updates for this map the final one, v5, he forgot to re-add a second crate by accident. If I remember correctly the second crate was originally in the infected water section and when he edited it so the tnt would be able to spawn there, he removed it.
  8. Thanks? I think?
  9. ye boi, it's lit af emoji emoji
  10. Your maps are awesome, pros to you man.

  11. oh really? damn..
  12. I'll come back to work on this but for now I think it's in a pretty good place. This map is loosely inspired by The Shawshank Redemption. Players find themselves locked in a cell when an explosion can be heard simultaneously releasing them. The idea here is that players are following closely behind some unknown persons jail break and players will have to traverse an overrun prison located on an island location. Players will navigate through storm drains make their escape via a player controlled boat along a canal leading to open waters. I had hopes of this map eventually becoming an official submission to the NMRiH but I can't see it fitting into the standard universe. I can't justify why players are wearing civilian clothes locked in a old prison and/or why it would be overrun with civilian zombies.
  13. [moistening intensifies]
  14. looks pretty tight so far, keep at it