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  1. This new information makes me moist.
  2. survival

    Looking good, hope to see some objective maps in the future
  3. I don't have any thing to do with hiring but wanted to say your art is super super good, really high quality stuff!
  4. That's probably the most detailed description I've ever seen. Great map thanks for your hard work
  5. lol, dead labz is still kicking
  6. Interesting, I want this for christmas.
  7. a necro post.. that makes sense? Neato.
  8. This map has been pretty much ready for some time now but life has been fucking me in the ass lately so I haven't gotten around to actually publishing it yet. But here it is, it's quite honestly not great but I had some fun making it. Map is set after the events of nmo_anxiety and survivors are forced out of their recreational vehicle to scavenge some precious resources needed to continue on their journey. It's a short map and I set off with the intention of improving my outdoor map quality. I was inspired by Walking Dead: Survival Instinct and the Zombie Panic: Source map zpo_harvest. I'm done with this map for a while, but I intend to come back to it and improve it all around. http://www.mediafire.com/file/7bf4jqa89a6xk50/nmo_bad_gas_3009.zip
  9. I don't know if it has anything to do with edicts but I remember getting compile issues about having too many lights touching however many faces.
  10. It looks like you have too many named lights, I had a major issue with that when mapping for Zombie Panic. It looks like the same issue I had but it's been too long to remember the exact error I received. looked an awful lot like that. this makes my head spin
  11. It's been forever since I set it up my first time so I can't help there but it's not a bad idea, assuming you can having the both the editor and game open at the same time unlike the nmrih launch hammer.
  12. I get bizarre issues from compiling maps over 106%. I'm not good with the tech stuff but I can't imagine how your map doesn't just implode being 2.5x past the entdata limit. I find the source engine is ever so fragile that you could sneeze and everything goes wrong. Good luck though because the map sounds/looks great. Maybe provide a compile log?
  13. sigh
  14. Shout out to the classics! Since this map is a bit of a goof, I'm combining elements of maps I enjoy. You may notice some similarities from maps such as zpo_harvest (zps) and hard rain (l4d)
  15. Wow. Very, very, wow. I wish my resume looked like yours... you get to do cool building stuff for a real living and hobby. If it were up to me you'd already be on team by now.