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  1. So you have never worked with the source engine but it's so easy a "monkey" can do it? Excellent, when will you be starting?
  2. Who is your ISP and what plan are you on with them?
  3. It looks like an internet connection issue to me. If you have very little upload and/or download the game won't really work properly. It's very heavy on network usage.
  4. Right now there's no official PVP mode, and while it's being worked on, the only ones right now are community made.
  5. That means the model isn't rigged for NMRiH. You'd need an animator to fix that.
  6. SourceMod issues should be brought up on their forums instead -- we can't help you.
  7. SourceMod issues should be brought up on their forums instead -- we can't help you.
  8. Then it should be safe to just make one yourself.
  9. Are you using the correct dedicated app ID? What command(s) are you using in SteamCMD to update the server?
  10. I use the same exact GPU; 7770. If your display driver's acting up its possible you either damaged the GPU(s) with overclocking, or it's having issues with 2 graphic cards on your system. Either way it's not something game-wide nor we be able to fix what essentially looks like a hardware/configuration issue.
  11. We released a patch for this.
  12. NMO files are the objective paths for the map.
  13. If you use 317670, the dedicated app ID, login anonymous works fine. That is the only supported way from now on.
  14. You can't spawn players with SourceMod in the first place (or at least no one has yet).
  15. The same way you would in any other source game. It worked fine last I checked.
  16. This is the direct link. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=318227523
  17. It seems as time goes on, this topic becomes more and more useless. The NMRiH forums is not to be used to bash a group, a person, or anyone else you don't like in NMRiH. Our forums are product forums to be used for discussing the game, and the game ONLY. 1. Moderator actions were taken to remove abusive content from public view. Specifically, "#2. Flaming and disrespecting other members of this community or this mod is strictly prohibited.". 2. We are not affiliated with Xblivious in any way. 3. You call it censorship, we call it moderation. Ultimately your opinion is yours to post, however if it violates our rules it will be removed. Feel free to post it on sites where the management has chosen to allow this behavior. Users of the forum who continue to violate the forums rules (located here) will have action taken against their membership here. We are here to discuss NMRiH, not to bash others for choice they make in regards to their communities. This thread is now locked. I hope I won't wake up to any more topics of this matter.
  18. A group of custom modded servers.
  19. Welcome to the team. I'll be locking this now.
  20. What he said, locked.
  21. Hi, Issues regarding badges should be directed to Steam Support. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=1223-QROC-4460&l=english
  22. DX8.1 is horribly unsupported and those specs don't meet our minimum requirements. I'll be locking this now.
  23. cmdrate and updaterate should both be 66. In any case it looks like a VPS with horrible timing (oversold/improper config/etc).
  24. Commands prefixed with cl_ are client-side commands. They can't be used on the server. I believe rate is a client-only command as well.
  25. I already told you on Steam that you can't. It used for encryption of things we don't want changed, like the default difficulty modes.