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  1. @meifter Leonardo was nice enough to diagnose the problem for me. It is a simple fix. I will try to get it done some time tomorrow. @Alpha Wing If you have no knowledge of scripting I don't recommend you learn now for that purpose. I would go to the AlliedModders Plugin Request/Ideas section for SourceMod, and link to the original post, and say specifically what you want done to it. It is a very simple task to make the plugin only work for admins.
  2. Read the entire thread before you post a reply. The reasons as to why the game is currently hard-coded to a maximum of eight players has been stated a few times already.
  3. I rarely play NMRiH right now, and when I do I only use melee weapons Shooting a zombie is fun, but it gets boring after awhile. He didn't start the trouble here. He may have been aggressive in telling you your idea sucked, but those are his view points. You starting throwing insults first (you called him a troll, when he was simply advocating his opinion). Here is the timeline of events just to refresh your memory: someone posted asking to join the team, you wanted him to be a supplier; Gregg then, after telling you the team you described is one good player, three dead-weights, laughed at the idea of a supplier (he called it a "personal luggage holder"). You then spin sideways saying that Gregg made the statement, either directly or indirectly, that solo'ing a map is the only way to play, and then you told him he was wrong (both of which were incorrect). He then defended himself in-kind to each of your challenges. That is how it escalated, and that is how it stands. What you don't see Gregg doing is changing his point, or abandoning his argumentative basis. No, he has defended the same point(s) throughout this thread, whereas you have started with one point, and when that was trashed you changed to the next. In conclusion:
  4. That should be available as a Hallmark card. Anyways, Gregg is right. You start off saying that you want to create a team of "experienced" players, but now since that idea was flawed, and someone pointed out such flaws, it is no longer about the team of "experienced" players, but rather the need to have fun? Also, this has been pointed out already, but it sounds like the only real "experienced" player your team needs is Player #1. I love having fun as much as the next guy, but when you put the amount of thought you are putting into it, is it really all that fun? Why not just get a group of people together on a voice comm, shoot the shit, and kill some zombies? Do you really need to tell someone how to play? Like I said earlier, there is not much to it ... To designate people to sit around and watch as the best player on the team does the work?
  5. Oh, I'm sorry, did you expect someone not to defend their points when challenged by yourself? Well shit, who would have thought that to be a surprise.
  6. I find it more interesting to try to solo a map without taking damage than to try and shoot every zombie you see. Shooting zombies eventually gets old after awhile.
  7. I don't view facts as proven, dis-proven, or awaiting proof ... If you claim something is a fact, and have said evidence to back up that statement, I would conclude that it is a true statement. There are many ways to play the game, but what I believe Gregg was saying is what is the point in going through all of this effort when a truly skilled player can solo the map, and I do see the point in what he is saying. You make this large post, out-lining what YOU require for a four man team. I just don't see the point. If we were playing Battlefield or even Call Of Duty I would love to be playing tactically. I just don't see the point in a zombie game .... There is not much to it. You kill when you have to, otherwise you walk around them. If you are playing intelligently you really don't need extra ammo, extra meds, or what have you.
  8. You need to learn the true definition of a fact. You are correct about an opinion, however, a fact, if it is really a fact, is not wrong. The following definition was supplied by www.google.com under the search parameters "define fact": In the event that what he said was incorrect, it would then be considered an opinion. In any event, I have read this thread and have been keeping up to date on it, and I agree with Gregg. I think he has, in no way, "hurt himself" inside this community. I agree with everything he has said, but I do not feel the need to trash you on it. So, good luck with your endeavors.
  9. No problem. I am glad it is of service to you.
  10. Just because you haven't seen it done, don't assume you can't ... ** Edit ** Tested and confirmed. You can spawn vehicles and drive vehicles. On most of the maps though, it would be inappropriate.
  11. You see, now this is a problem. You said your bit, more-or-less trashed the usage of my plugin, or Chanz's on the server. You then, concurrently, called the majority of the players who play servers running one, or both, of those plugins 'noobs'. We then, responded in a kind, polite manner giving you our opinions on our own plugins. Now, those transactions (the posts made by yourself, Chanz's posts, and mine) make up the majority of this plugin. So please do tell me how you feel that is trolling? To me, trolling would be insulting or flaming you, your servers, the way you play the game, or the way you wish the game to be played. I didn't do that, and nor did I see someone else do that. So please, use an accurate word to describe this thread. Just because it is not yielding the results you want it to, please do not misrepresent what is going on. You obviously know Jone's opinion on the matter now. I do disagree with him a bit, however. I would say, besides the people that frequent the servers and forums, the player-base is made up of inexperienced, skill-lacking players. I have no problem with that. I am sure other server operators who run these plugins have no problem with this. I didn't say anything in my original posts, but I do find it very comical that you posted this and were actually expecting something to change ... Now, you may view this as trolling, and if you do then I apologize. In all seriousness though, did you honestly expect people to stop playing these mods because you disagreed with them? Now, I do understand you are only one person of many who have disagreements with these two mods, however, did you really think this would yield results? It went exactly how I planned on it going: the first few days, the plugin creators posted, then you responded, and so forth. After that, it died for a few days until the people who check the forums once a week look at it, and here we are. The next thing I would expect to happen is after everyone gets their new piece in, the thread will, again, die. I am addressing this rather late in the post, but whatever. Did I say it was an excuse? No, I did not. So please do not remember words that were never said. I rather said that in my own experience, I go into my servers and don't even use it. I know there might be very few to no players that do the same, but the option is out there. I am not and was not making an excuse. I was stating a fact. You mentioned McDonalds being the cause of fat people in your post. So let me ask you this, I do not know how you look, or what size you are, but do you frequent McDonalds? If you do, do you blame them for anything? Or do you not eat McDonalds and not care? I am the latter of that option. Granted, I run through McDonalds on occasion but it is a nice luxury to have when you are really hungry and don't have the time to make something to eat. I guess my point is this, you view these plugins as a vice, where I try to view them as luxuries. I doubt the players that use these on random server go this far into thought on these features, so I guess it doesn't much matter.
  12. I dunno. I believe it will get altered and placed on there as a donor benefit. I don't honestly know. I will be using melee weapons though.
  13. I appreciate the approach you are taking, and on many points I agree with you; however, there are a few things you have overlooked. I completely agree that many newer, inexperienced players of this game that frequent a server running my weapons menu, or Chanz's ammo plugin, or even both of them, become dependent of them very quickly. Now, although Chanz's ammo plugin is not voluntary, my weapon menu is. Now, don't get me wrong, I wouldn't expect people not to use it at all, but when I go into my own servers to play, I very rarely use the menu. I almost always play with what the map provides me. The point I am trying to make is that, if a player wants to grow their skill, they will. It is not the server owner/operator's responsibility to further develop the players that play the server. And, as you have already mentioned, many of these dependent players will leave a server that isn't running these plugins. So do you really expect server owners/operators to stop running these plugins, and potentially lose their player base? I love the melee-aspect of this game. When you are up against tens of twenties of zombies, and all you have is a shovel to defend yourself, the adrenaline starts pumping and the fun starts. [AoC] is currently in the process of creating our first melee training grounds server. Where, you guess it, the only thing a player will be able to use is a melee weapon. I am really looking forward to that. More than likely going to be my favorite server.
  14. You have to have a fastdownload server for your players to download from. You can modify a convar to allow the maximum file size to be a little bigger, but you really should get a Fast D/L; it allows the players to download the custom content faster.
  15. I did release a plugin so that if a server owner wanted their server's MOTD opened for clients on join automatically it is. The link for it is one post above yours :\