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  1. Greatest FTP FPS on steam, I haven't played this game in a few months, anyone know of any new map names to search for on the browser? Any new maps coming out soon? Looking forward to further development of this one of a kind game.
  2. This is why I mute all voices, and encourage typing.
  3. Sorry OP
  4. Nice digging duder! Yeah man, this map is still alpha, I'm sure everyone is waiting for it to become a beta.
  5. I noticed Greendale, although playable, still seems rather incomplete. Does anyone know how to contact the creator of this map? I would like to ask him a few questions, and I need them answered immediately! - Arnold Schwarzenegger
  6. Try the wrench, it will change your life. Yes the fire axe deals more damage, but it tires you out fast, just like in real life!!
  7. It's fine, wouldn't be much of a "Nightmare" if they changed something.
  8. What you dudes don't know if that most of these weapons are the same, the damage is pretty much even across the board. The two best weapons are the Machete and the Wrench. They're the most powerful for their speed and efficient in terms of lactic acid build up in the shoulders.
  9. I did not have to download anything externally, it downloaded in game through the server.
  10. Very hyped
  11. I was playing on a few newer maps this week, this resident evil 2 remake was one of them, although none of the objectives seemed to work. Does anyone know if this map will ever be fixed or completed?
  12. Bro, TLDR, listen. When you crawl through the gate in the sub basement after the water traps, there is an open gate to your left. In front of you, there is a welder. The objective tells you to grab the welder for the adjacent door to the left. But, the crappy script writing for this level closes the cell door as soon as you crawl through the hole in the gate.
  13. Right on, Brother!
  14. Bro, play Hell's gate that map is near impossible, you will have your ass handed to you on a platter with garnish no doubt.
  15. 1. Don't stand in someone else's way 2. Don't pick up ammo that you don't have a gun for example: Picking up shells when all you have is a pistol, and not dropping it for someone who does have a shotgun. 3. If your team is dwindling and your last bud needs help, don't let them down. Give them pills, bandages, cover fire, whatever they need for you to keep pushing forward. 4. Never, ever run straight into a pile of zombies, you will get killed in one second.