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  1. Fair enough TY.
  2. Lawl
  3. Yes I was belligerent with my comments, and yes in defense to the mapper I found it rather disappointing how he was treated. My friend and I worked with him on resolving the problem. I'm not saying any of your guys are wrong you all proved a valid point I just hate how you guys talk to people some times. So in a sense I really am saying Fuck You. If you take a shit on something there may be that possibility of it splashing back on the rim of the toilet.
  4. histtu vittu
  5. Have it ever occured to you that I don't post here as often because of punks like you.
  6. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one .
  7. The Author approved it as long as it's not in the officlal map pack. He'd request atleast some royality out of it was. And I also understand very well what you're saying anyones hard work should be properly credited for with premission. Trust me I'm a musician. But my reasoning behind my rants are far beyond just that. The staff (unamming) here utterly are very close minded about certain things. If you're putting your game on steam you guys should at least endorse some rules onto your forums on how you treat your members. Not everyones a suck up. No Homo.
  8. sotapoika again with your arrogance. He's speaking with the dev now he's cool as long as it's not official. I have a suggestion for all the team here. Grow up and be more professional about your non-licensed game. Perhaps then you can make a real deal with steam.
  9. Work is credited to it's orginal author. Secondly author has generally given permission to anybody who uses for non-comercial use. A word of advice and I speak this clearly. I don't care who you are what your ranking is, if your admin and non-admin. The fact is simple. DO YOUR RESEARCH PRIOR TO FLAMMING someone. Good revamp Harry, If anybody is interested in trying these maps, vote them on our servers provided below:
  10. Please oh please when are you going to release this lol.
  11. This what I have my setting too, It doesn't seem possible that you can instantly spawn immediately after a specified amount of kills through and Objective map, but this does work on Survival mode. I'm experimenting with sv_spawn_grace, I'm not certain if setting it to 0 removes the time limit. sv_spawn_grace "0" // Time after a round starts in which players are allowed to spawn sv_spawn_grace_objectivecount "8" // Number of objectives completed after which players cannot respawn. sv_kills_per_token "5" // Survival: Amount of zombie to be killed before respawning
  12. Ok that makes sense. Do you guys plan or adding it back in within the next release or so?
  13. Is there a valid reason that this was done. What were you guys thinking?
  14. Thanks Riley I've been digging through the forums trying to find a way to instantly respawn players. Regardless to mode, I know it's possible but it doesn't seem possible with convar. Did chanz script it on his servers?
  15. this map lacks lighting, from what people say