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    Announcement As the darkness comes nearer and halloween approaches slower than ever i finally present you my map nmo_shelter. This map will be part of a campaign and i hope to release more maps in the near future with the same concept of having a shelter to it. I do really intend them to be connected in one way or another. The link is at the bottom if you don't want to read through all of this Previous post with some screenshots of progress: Concept and making of I tried making some stuff for the past 2 - 3 years now, but i didn't really have the time nor motivation to do so and i was just fucking around in hammer without having the intention to actually finish a map. I never thought i would be able to make a map as i didn't took mapping very seriously, but that kinda changed in the last half year - year. That's when i really got hooked onto mapping and started getting help to become a better map, so i asked mainly Nay0r and some other cool guys for help and i got this amazing guy called Atheist to help me with my map and i'm really grateful for the help so to say. That's when i mainly started changing my mindset on how to become better and smarter in life overall. If anyone is curious, this is kinda the progress of the last 3 years, it contains screenshots of all my projects and really comes to showcase how i have grown over the course. (see spoiler at the bottom) Story This map's story is basically you and 7 other survivors hide in a world war 2 shelter in Europe, to be specific in Belgium Wallonia at the border with France and you try to get from an old bomb shelter to a nuclear plant, but you encounter some problems on your way to the nuclear plant in order to destroy certain parts of the world which don't hold any survivors at all. Your only cure in order to survive is to get asap to the nuclear plant and nuke large parts of the world in order to save the world as the world slowly decays into madness. It is stated that you are in the year of 2042 and the apocalypse started 5 years ago when all the governments collapsed and suddenly someone thought he had made a medicine to cure everyone from every disease, but instead of curing it infected most of the people, they had tested the medicine on animals. Everything seemed to be in order at first glance, but as they tried it on a human, at first glance it worked perfectly, but after several months the medicine started to mutate with the brain cells and caused an effect which turned him into a zombie. Several months had passed and suddenly every city would collapse in no time and 4 years later from that point in 2042 the normal population was merely < 1000. Main areas and screenshots In this map you basically have 5 main areas: the shelter (old underground hideout that was made in the 2nd world war), the courtyard with a lot of children, the factory + the maintenance tunnels, the submain sewers and the arena + connector hall. The Shelter + courtyard: https://imgur.com/a/JPqFh The warehouse +the maintenance tunnels https://imgur.com/a/2TWMf The submain sewers https://imgur.com/a/c2OmC The arena + connector hall https://imgur.com/a/PnxDz Download link (gamebanana) https://gamebanana.com/maps/197278 (for a zipped file) Credits Special thanks to: Atheist for helping me make the map reality Nay0r for being awesome in general and helping me with level design clutter Durkhaz for giving out free vmfs for me to learn from Kevin for being the greatest playtester there is, you truly rock Jake for being jake i guess Mabalina for taking care of the baby (prop in game, in case people are getting confused) Der Vampir for playtesting yet another map Chris teh Clue for giving me clues Porkchops servers, ??? servers and dr's server for letting me playtest my map and basically anyone who helped me making this map become reality: Bab, Soulbrother99, Bobschke, Fiona, Zombie, Sammy, Blazzestrike, Green riding hood, Evie, Freud's cat, Sophia, Ping, Lilayy, Merzarime, SPLINTERMAX and everyone else enjoying or playing the map through one of these earlier mentioned servers.
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    hei there i made some custom zombie, called doggy zombie because nmrih took so long to update i update the game self xD (JK) still in beta
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    my server's map list http://nmrih.yomox9.club/steamcmd/nmrihsrv/nmrih/mapcycle_all.txt FIle pack https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9Zk_0HKMKNsdlAteHJxa3JiVW8
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    Hello. I want to ask the Team about a problem that irritating me the most - player colliision. When I was playing on server of my friend, I've seen a lot of situations that when some player got killed, because the guy who walked near him, pushed him towards a group of zombies. At this moment I was like: "meh, any noblock plugin can fix that!". Yeah, obviously, none of them worked. Then I tried to fix this by manually changing collisiongroups, solidflags and solidtypes, but nothing worked, except for solidflags. Even it did worked as I wanted tho, there is another problem appeared - NOTHING can hit player, other dynamic props are just going through the model. As creators, what did you actually changed in code of HL2 collision system to make it push players once they are hit? How i can fix this? I like this game as it looks now, this is the only thing i want to change. I do appreciate any help.
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    Hail to the king, baby If enough people bug me about it, I'll upload it for public use.
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    Ran through Chinatown, only for one thing. Get my melon to safety. It flew away on the helicopter with me. GG melon.
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    So basically why not make the zip lighters more useful than just providing small amount of light. For example actually lighting up stuff. There are traps for zombies in maps such as fire. But at first it only spreads gas and so. Why not make the lighter actually light it up. Optional idea tho.
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    Well I say the game is pretty active, there are 864 people playing it right now and if you want to see it yourself just check the no more room in hell community hub on steam.
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    I deleted the game at the end of september. I reinstalled it recently and I see this new update that came out in beginning of october. But now my mods that used to work don't do anything. Anyone else having this problem?
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    Oil Rig - Escape Mission The Devil Tower is a deep-water spar platform for oil/gas production located in the Gulf of Mexico 1,710 m above the seabed and named after Devils Tower National Monument, it was also an important and fully operational engineering project that provided a large amount of this key natural resource to the US. At first it may look secure and free from infection but the truth is that lots of infected people entered desperately to this platform long time ago searching for a safe spot or a cure and only found death. Infection spread too quickly among crew members and some of them are still trapped inside with no food or clean water remaining, can you help them escape? Download & Screenshots: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1598950835 Features: - Medium difficulty - Open areas outdoor - Oil platform decoration - Small rooms and narrow corridors indoor - Hidden items and weapons - Amazing view of the sea - Different types of extractions - Ending cinematics Version 7 - 23/12/2018 + Workshop publish + Added more anti-objectives + Added missing soundscapes + Increased amount of explosive gas cans + Changed vent first objective + Removed some player clips + Fixed objective glow for extinguishers & welders + Fixed barricade bug + Fixed boat extraction skip + Fixed minor nav issues Version 6 - 16/5/2018 - Added new objective for boat escape - Added missing glow sprites for some lights - Added rain soundscape - Changed some minor details - Reduced annoying sounds volume - Fixed runners exploit - Fixed ending chopper exploit - Fixed boat stucking bug - Fixed npc bug after cinematics - Fixed wall clips * Map created by Ulreth * Tested on: Escuadrón Batata ARG Porkchops Dedicated Private Servers Special thanks to testers: Holy Crap Dysphie Wabein Porkchops Atheist Billionlioe
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    Vertigo - Escape Mission We all think that big skyscrapers are secure and have everything necessary to survive a zombie apocalypse. The problem is that this huge building is now surrounded by dead hordes aproaching to your location, so you will have to carefully rise to the top of it in order to be rescued if you want to live. Be careful, watch your steps as you can fall to death in this old skyscraper, sounds simple but it is not. Can you escape from this vertigo nightmare? Download & Screenshots: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1592215635 (More screenshots at gamebanana) Features: - Hard difficulty - Large and tall building - Only 1 respawn after round start - Logical objectives - Broken areas that need parkour basic skills - Lighting effects - Different types of rooms, hallways, ladders, sewers and more. - Dark areas and secret rooms to explore - Useful items and weapons available - Ending scene including a rescue chopper --------------------------------------------- Version 12 - 15/12/2018 + Workshop publish + Added some soundscapes + Added earthquake effect + Added barricades + Changed some decorative props + Horror corpses + Tweaked trap details + Improved parkour lighting + Fixed zombie spawn crash + Fixed minor nav issues * Map created by Ulreth * --------------------------------------------- Special thanks to testers: Holy Crap Dani Fantasma FeRcHaLa Gizmo Juan Mr.Cat Ruso Wabein Xnauta - Feel free to comment any bugs, suggestions or anything related to the map in order to fix and improve for future versions --------------------------------------------- Some of you might know that my map titled "Vertigo" was selected to be part of the official update for this game, but without any warning i found out that this wasn't truth and DEV team decided to remove this map without considering the time that i spent on it, the effort i put to it, the changes i made to it (and was willing to keep doing if necessary), so probably everyone would feel betrayed like me at this point. In a certain way i felt that their decision was correct because of the lack of organization and empathy with their custom mappers, so i concluded that i do not deserve a treatment like this. Clearly, if i could go back in time, i would never create a map for this game again, but that is not possible and players that loved my maps were very grateful with me from the beginning so it would be unfair if i remove them completely from any website. Now that this topic is cleared and explained i will return my maps in workshop update to be grateful with those that supported me, my friends, my beta testers and especially Holy Crap. I won't be the last case of injustice in this kind of work, it is easy to criticize mappers like me and their mistakes, but even knowing this i encourage you to create something different, something that makes you feel proud of, a map to cheer other users and collect their feedback to improve the game from your position. I will always be open to any feedback, feel free to insult me, erase my message or joke with this but try to be comprehensive with mappers cause their work is for free and for everyone.
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    Some screenshots here: DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i2cw6u6wj0exf76/NMRiH_TheWalkingDead.zip?dl=0 README.txt in the zip file Credits: Ported to NMRiH by dewobedil Rigged by shaklin Original models from The Walking Dead Mobile Game (No Man's Land)
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    [WiP] nmo_decay A group of test participants taking part in a classified project known as LIMB which aims to develop human-robot connection system. As a side product, neuro-interface is developed so that a chip computer can form a GUI in a person's perception and interact with I/O from his/her brain. After the testing phase goes wrong the participants tries to find a way out after the whole place melts down. In order to survive they will need to fight the infected staff and scientists along with the infection thats growing inside them. -full details coming soon- GameBanana : https://gamebanana.com/wips/48862 We're having a hard time finding playtesters and players who can provide feedback. if that is something you would be interested in then add us on steam lazrdisc | Merz Screenshots
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    Hello everyone! I'm pretty new to the community but not very new to modding this game. I've done quite a bit of unreleased, Weapon reskining, Adding various new guns to my No More Room in Hell experience. My latest, Big project Im taking on is Chiki Briki'ing(If thats a thing?) or rather Gopnikify my No More Room in Hell. I've started with some weapons and 3 playermodels. 2 of which have been completely redone. The other just replaces Badass's Old outfit with sexy Tracksuit.. Mmm.. Adidas.. My goal is to not only make a Gopnik Zombie Apocalypse but also a ridiculous Zombie Apocalypse. Later on you'll know what I mean. Anyways Im sure after reading all this text you probably want a reward like some screenshots. So I'll hold off for a bit and let you all have a look. {3DS Max Renders} {In game} [OTs-33 - M92fs Replacement] [bateman Replacement] [Molotov Replacement] [badass Replacement] [Fists Replacement] [Glock 80 - Glock17 Replacement] Sorry if the lighting is terrible, I still need to do the shaders and what not and fix a few issues. Also reskining more of the weapons and melee. I plan on covering the 4 major subjects; Playermodels Weapons(Including melee, and items.) Sounds(Weapons generally, but Voice volunteers are welcome to contribute!) Zombies(Who wouldnt want to see a couple of nicely dressed Zombie Gopniks and Policemen, as well as Russian Soldiers!) Hopefully this has been an interesting read and I appreciate your support! upon completion and release I will provide a full list of credits for that the original authors/creators deserve! More WiP Images will be uploaded as the progress of this Reskin pack moves along. Total Percentage(Estimated/Guessing really..): 10-25% Planned Reskins(Weapons for now.) Pistols: Glock17 - Glock 80 Bretta M92FS - OTs-33 M1911 - TT33 Tokarev(Much better. :3) SW686 - MR96(May change though, Doesnt look too good.) Ruger Mark III .22 - No change/Maybe become something ridiculous. Melee: Machete - Sickle Kitchen Knife - AKM/AK74 6x4 Bayonet SludgeHammer - ??? Chainsaw - ??? Saw - ??? Fireaxe - ??? Crowbar - ??? Fists - Fists ofcourse. :3 Shovel - ??? Baseball bat - ??? FUBAR - Hmm? ;3 Lead Piper - ??? Pipe Wrench - ??? E-Tool - ??? Tools: Welder - ??? Barricade hammer - Hammer. ._. Maglite - Maglite ofcourse, With some sleeves. :3 Lighter - Same thing above. Fire Extinguisher - ??? Flare Gun - ??? Explosives: Grenade - F1 Grenade Molotov - Vodka Molotov TNT - ??? I'll add more planned weapons/items list as the mod pack progresses. "A nu chiki briki iv damke" - A very wise man!
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    > install map > 1st load > gets stuck in pyramid entrance due to huge |||| pillars after the sliding door > 2nd load > dies at the yellow artifact trap (kek) > 3rd load > stuck again at huge |||| pillars after sliding door in pyramid entrance > 4th load > game just closed, much zombies to load (more than 500) yup, there are issues that prevent this map from going onto me server.
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    Pretty much just completed it solo (couldn't get to the chopper rope at the end) after a few attempts and I really like it but came across a few small problems. The First issue was an unclear objective towards the end of the boardwalk. The objective was telling me to start a strong fire. I was unsure for a good while where to go and launched my flares and c4 at the blockade. Perhaps you should make it clearer that they need to go in search of fuel supplies to start a fire or something. The final issue I encountered was at the finale. I had comfortably cleared away the zombies on the boardwalk but was unable to jump over the fence to get to the chopper rope. If the players need to go to the underside of the pier to climb the rope perhaps make it a little clearer to the players. (I had the feeling that perhaps I blew up a ramp with the c4 I used earlier in an attempt to light the blockade, thus making it impossible to get to the rope) Anyway as I said great map which I enjoyed as much, if not more than some of the official maps. Great setting and feel. I loved the idea. Nice job!
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    There's more proof, the 1st picture shows that the highlight on guns are missing. The 2nd picture shows the Texture Glitch I mentioned before a little closely. (I use Windows 10 btw)
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    Your maps are awesome, pros to you man.
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    Thats cool, when can i download it?
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    Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come. The official, finalized horizontal double barrel is here, fixed, and ready for public release. I used the double barrel model from Call of Duty: World at War, and the gunfire sound from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (thanks Vampir) I fixed the reload animations. Now both reloads are handled by the same animation of ejecting and inserting two shells at a time, and it functions online. Third person muzzleflash is fixed, and the breach lever doesn't bork either. Everything is set and good to go. NOTE: if you use both shells and then reload, there will be 40 frames of idle-ness before you can shoot with it again. This is because I had to make the animation take the same amount of frames (180 frames as opposed to the half-reload's 140 frames) in order for it to work online. DOWNLOAD THAT SHIT HERE (it's a dropbox link) Sorry about the wait, but after 13 months this thing is ready to go. I'd give you a bunch of excuses for not having it ready, but you guys don't care about that. Grab that shit, and go make those primitive screwheads hail to the king! INSTALLATION - download "doublebarrel.vpk" - navigate to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\nmrih\sdk\hl2mp\custom\my_custom_stuff" - plop it in "my_custom_stuff" "custom" - if you don't have the folder chain for hl2mp, custom, or my_custom_stuff, then make them.
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    Change map name from nms_unhealthyv3.1 to nms_unhealthyv31. Anyway, you should remove "." ( dot ) from map name. Otherwise Player can't download your map from server. Because error occure with "Map is missing".
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    In the year 2375
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    Why would you already tell it's garbage making people not want to see it or click it. You should definitely change the title to something more appealing :l
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    I'm going to update a map (hope it will be last update) then I'll post screenshots
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    Shout out to the classics! Since this map is a bit of a goof, I'm combining elements of maps I enjoy. You may notice some similarities from maps such as zpo_harvest (zps) and hard rain (l4d)
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    When I reach the part where I started, it is much to difficult. Maybe it is because I played solo, but I cannot imagine how you can defeat this hallway with the limited weapons, inadequate lighting, and narrow maneuvering. I tried leading them out to the lighted area but they kept on spawning in. May I suggest either spawning a fixed number of zombies (if that is possible) or significantly lowering the amount of zombies that respawn? It may be easier if you have partial lighting in other areas. Or if you like it this dark my opinion is to spawn less zombies in it.
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    Abour PC, maybe u should make it glow like other objective things
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    Nice little map, my biggest issues are the micro stairs and the prop collision on the floor lights/props. As much as I love playing around with prop physics, they make a real mess, maybe consider compiling them as dynamic. I was able to trigger the extraction but couldn't progress any further.
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    is it actually crashing or just freezing? if you upload your vmf ill take a look for you
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    i didnt spot that radius culling was on, the troubles with viewing images on my phone haha least your sorted now
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    I see on screenshots, that Radius Culling is on (R in red circle). Disable it, because it cause leaks
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    Whoops, this escaped me. Either way, fun's over boys. Also, I'm gonna leave this here:
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    For the love of it, and you're welcome.
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    Defending a zone in Northway with only about 5% health and every other zone dead. It was around wave 5 too and usually just 2 or 3 remain alive including myself. (This is what I get when playing in public servers with brainless people...) That was one hell of a day though. I got frustrated but I also enjoyed some of it. We eventually won the map too.
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    Joining a public server. Nuff said.
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    it's interesting when u dont know that gun is loaded or not
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    Перевел статью на Русский язык. Article translated into Russian. http://www.mczone.ru/reviews/dobavlenie-skins-models-personazhey-na-server-no-more-room-in-hell-1513
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    Or you know, you could like, play the game.
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    Doesn't really seem like spam. More like a newbie member trying to fit in with the group here.
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    i use a BlackBerry 8300 Curve