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    my server's map list http://nmrih.yomox9.club/steamcmd/nmrihsrv/nmrih/mapcycle_all.txt FIle pack https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9Zk_0HKMKNsdlAteHJxa3JiVW8
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    Vertigo - Escape Mission We all think that big skyscrapers are secure and have everything necessary to survive a zombie apocalypse. The problem is that this huge building is now surrounded by dead hordes aproaching to your location, so you will have to carefully rise to the top of it in order to be rescued if you want to live. Be careful, watch your steps as you can fall to death in this old skyscraper, sounds simple but it is not. Can you escape from this vertigo nightmare? Download: http://gamebanana.com/maps/196539 (More screenshots at gamebanana) Features: - Hard difficulty - Large and tall building - Lots of doors, corridors and more - Dark areas and secret rooms to explore - Useful items and weapons - Ending scene - Rescue chopper --------------------------------------------- Version 5 - 19/08/2017 - Extended first objective with more areas to explore - Added intro story - Added more items while playing first mission - Added some buildings near the rooftop - Added clip in all the stairs for both players and zombies - Added more details to starting zone - Added a couple of small barricades in some windows - Updated random codes - Fixed minor bugs * Map created by Ulreth * ---------------------------------------- Special thanks to testers: Holy Crap Dani Fantasma FeRcHaLa Gizmo Juan Mr.Cat Ruso Wabein Xnauta - Feel free to comment any bugs, suggestions or anything related to the map in order to fix and improve for future versions
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    I have 127 maps (nmo - 53 pcs., nms - 74 pcs.) at my servers It's 276 bz2-files (1.76GB total)
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    you need recompile this model
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    I'm always keep this content in ...\steamcmd\nmrih_ds\nmrih\models\
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    In the year 2375