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  4. Is there a list of custom win conditions for the original survival maps? I heard you could play the piano in NotLD for example to escape manually but it's all hearsay, I see no discussions or a list of them. Namely the Ransack, Flooded, NotLD and the rest of "we got this!" achievement maps.
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  6. Can anyone recommend me the best product from the list mentioned in this site : https://justchainsaw.com/best-small-chainsaw/
  7. "Waves" { "nms_acity_fixed" "20" "nms_alley_v2" "15" "nms_arpley" "10" "nms_assault_v1_1" "10" "nms_Bar" "10" "nms_battlefront_v1" "2" "nms_breach_y9v3" "30" "nms_bunkerdefense_beta_y9v2" "10" "nms_cabin_in_the_woodsc1" "11" "nms_camilla_v2" "8" "nms_camilla_v3_1" "30" "nms_campblood" "10" "nms_campfire" "10" "nms_castlegarden_v5" "4" "nms_cinema_v1" "24" "nms_coliseum_v2" "12" "nms_compound_v2" "12" "nms_crashed_sabo_y9v1" "1" "nms_crashed_sabo_y9v1_ia" "1" "nms_darkforest_v1_1" "10" "nms_dead_chapel" "10" "nms_deadrock" "10" "nms_dust2_v1_4" "10" "nms_endoftheline_b7_3" "10" "nms_estate_b2" "10" "nms_estate_b3" "10" "nms_evildeadcabin_beta6" "10" "nms_factory_v1_2" "12" "nms_FadingLight_v4f" "13" "nms_favela" "10" "nms_flooded" "10" "nms_flooded_old" "10" "nms_foxstreet" "30" "nms_from_dusk_till_dawn" "12" "nms_garrymod_runner_fixed" "20" "nms_gasstation_v2_y9v1for10710" "50" "nms_genocide_b5_1" "10" "nms_ganado_cabin" "1" "nms_grave_encounters_b1_y9v1" "10" "nms_gun_store_b7" "10" "nms_highway" "12" "nms_hmansion_v1_2" "15" "nms_horror_y9v3" "15" "nms_hotel_v1_3" "10" "nms_house_of_forester_v1_6" "13" "nms_intersection_b1_3_y9v1" "15" "nms_isolated" "10" "nms_last_day_y9v2" "20" "nms_last_survivor" "10" "nms_midwest" "10" "nms_motel_b2" "10" "nms_museum_b5_3" "10" "nms_nacht_der_untoten_v6" "20" "nms_nightmallz_v2_3" "10" "nms_northway" "10" "nms_notld" "10" "nms_office_suite_v5_y9v1" "13" "nms_operation_halloween" "10" "nms_paradisefalls_v2_1" "10" "nms_protect_your_home_v2-1" "10" "nms_ransack" "10" "nms_ravenwood" "12" "nms_rooftop_mk1" "10" "nms_ruined_school_" "11" "nms_scoutzknivez_bagan_b1" "10" "nms_shipyard" "10" "nms_shopping_central_v1_2" "13" "nms_silence" "9" "nms_skyhigh" "53" "nms_storestand_v3_2" "12" "nms_subway_a2" "11" "nms_summer" "20" "nms_testone" "50" "nms_townsquare_v2" "15" "nms_the_last_defense_v1_3" "10" "nms_torn_b2" "20" "nms_unhealthyv3.1" "10" "nms_whitehouse_y9v24" "12" "nms_wolfenstein_v1_2" "10" "nms_x011_v1_2" "13" "nms_zps_asylum_v3_2" "13" "nms_portal" "20" } https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=2280126
  8. Funny how basically every nms map has the same old boring 10 wave duration now. Atleast it helps for newer players to know what to expect out of the next map.
  9. Those are easily be decided on that type
  10. Alternative medicine are more accepted now a days due to it's promising results unlike pharmaceutical medicine, alternative medicine don't give negative effect such as kidney and liver problems when it comes to long term use. As for my alternative medicine usage, I use medical marijuana. Different strain has a variety of uses and effect depending on your needs. You may check this https://www.gyo.green/serious-seeds-bubble-gum-sir-bub-r.html
  11. I deleted the game at the end of september. I reinstalled it recently and I see this new update that came out in beginning of october. But now my mods that used to work don't do anything. Anyone else having this problem?
  12. hell gate was a very cool man which i really enjoyed! love your stuff man!
  13. looks really nice man! nice to see you still got plans for the map
  14. I work as a writer. I write reviews about different applications you can find out this here. If you need to know about something like an application, you can write to me and I will help you. I checked a lot of applications on both Android and iOS. If you need something then contact me.
  15. It will be necessary to fill this information about my PC
  16. It will be necessary to fill this information.
  17. very intresting. need a cheak
  18. Thx for this post. You help me.
  19. I deleted the game at the end of september. I reinstalled it recently and I see this new update that came out in beginning of october. But now my mods that used to work don't do anything. Anyone else having this problem? Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire
  20. Do you guys prefer if a candidate applies through the forums like this or some other way?
  21. If you arabian call me please

    :D #jordanian

  22. In this game, you're simultaneously a player and a GM. As a GM, you control one of the four principles; Love, Hunger, Fear, and Hate. When a player makes a roll relating to your principle (Love = healing, helping, negotiating, Fear = hiding, lying, escaping, etc), the role of GM rotates to you and you interpret the roll, and you stay the GM until a new principle is rolled against. This means that there's a real focus on shared cooperative storytelling as you all work to keep the story coherent. Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire The actual mechanic is really simple - your stats are rated 2 to 5, and divided among the four principles. When you take a test, it's 1D6 against the relevant stat; if you roll over it goes bad, if you roll under it goes okay (a complication caused), and if the roll is equal to your stat then it's a success. You can also apply modifiers if you have relevant gear, or if you were or who you are now are relevant (for example in the game I played there were instances where who my character used to be - a mechanic - was relevant, and who he was now - the pragmatic muscle - was more useful).
  23. Due to legal restrictions, you must be at least 18 years old (an adult) to participate on the NMRiH team. Locking, feel free to reapply in 4 years,
  24. Hey Let's talk about problems and things you should fix it before i begin i love this game and programmers and i'm sorry for bad english ... let's go Ok let's begin with main Every shooter game has Main For health and Ammo Guys even half life has its own main [/img] BUT , Nmrih make you guess your health and the ammo you will die while you are trying to see it Problem (2) Well its not problem but this matter should be better Switch to other weaopns is traditional and has 1 method to i suggest add another switch method PROBLEM (3) is Hand Yup hand you can't swtich to hand easily And i suggest to add graphics for tree and weather and make it more brightness PrObLeM (4) when you added VAC i got problems casue i'm pen tester and have some tools in my device and i don't use it and its something like portable terminal and procces hacker and injector i programmed it , Not for Nmrih for another things and finally problem (5) ammo is not enough ... And thank's for read all this with my bad english \n Good Luck.
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