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  2. That's very very strange, looks like a problem of your installation/files rather than a map problem, have you tried playing this map in a server not hosted by you?
  3. Right now i need seven models from Resident Evil for GMOD or NMRiH I already got Barry, Jill, Leon, Rebecca, Wesker. All this models was ported for NMRIH from CSS or GMOD player models. At the moment i need 7 more models for GMOD as Player models, so i can use them in NMRIH. There is four Left4Dead2 models Chris, Enrico, Kenneth, Richard. And three models that being ragdoll for gmod Edward, Forest, Kevin. We tried to port Left4Dead 2 models to nmrih, but they have diffrent skeleton and this cause problems, that's why we need GMOD player models. It would be great if someone can make any of this player models for GMOD out of this 4 l4d2 models and 3 ragdolls. Download source models: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jymwljcx9zmh6jr/re_models_to_gmod.rar?dl=0
  4. How to spawn them in hammer and make them apear on map? and sry on waking thread
  5. nvm. we got it. don't know how but we did.
  6. same issue. can i get an email with cart problem. too many people moving swtches and want to get it right. thanks
  7. /Steam/SteamApps/common/nmrih/sdk/bin/hammer.exe works without Steam for me
  8. Yesterday
  9. This model is from Left 4 Dead 2. And this is the problem. If this model was from CS:S or GMOD we could do it fine, but all l4d2 models we ever tried had same problem. I'v found another addon for GMOD, there's Jill, Barry, Wesker and Leon. But there's only Left 4 Dead 2 Chris and Richard. We are still messing with Richard, and we dont know how to fix it properly.
  10. Updated Version C 27/4/2017 - More obstacles - Ammo balance - Improved lighting - Fixed some minor bugs
  11. Hello people, I have few questions So I want to make custom maps for this game, and I love it, I decided to dedicate my spare hdd for running only hammer for nmrih on it and installed striped Win7 on it with nothing else running because want best performance for program. Is there any way I can download hammer and run it without steam? if its possible please send links
  12. So yesterday me and my friend were trying to make a player model for NMRiH out of Left 4 Dead 2 model. Textures working fine, animations working fine, but the body looks terrifying. This is model that we used as source And after convertating this model to nmrih we got this... As you can see, everything is wrong about her. Long scary arms, no neck, she does not stand on her feet properly, her ass is inside of her. You got what i mean. I'm asking for help fixing this model, to make her look like a normal human being, because at the moment she looks like once upon a time she got to be in car crash accident... left4dead2 model, nmrih result model, and decompilted source could be downloaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o09spvf40inf8hv/nmrih_jill_wip.rar?dl=0
  13. It means that there is a release of the map in the thread.
  14. Updated 26/4/2017 Version B Thanks for all feedback, it was very helpful in order to improve map version drastically Download link: http://gamebanana.com/maps/195206 - New props, details, escenarios, screenshots, etc - Item/ammo balance - Fixed AI navigation - Fixed lot of bugs - Fixed stuck issues
  15. Last week
  16. I think i maybe know what is the problem,on some other custom maps i have a problem with objective not displaying when i press C.No objective is displayed and the compass is empty,only floating letters.One guy from steam discussions told me that maybe i haven't put all 3 needed map files into maps folder,but i did.On some custom maps there are objectives displayed and on some there isn't.I don't know if that makes any sense to you but i really don't know what could be the problem.I'll try to delete all 3 map files and put them in again (nmo_miner_detour_v3.bsp,nmo,nav) and see if it will work.And i've tried different angles to weld yesterday and day before and nothing.I guess i am the first guy with this kind of problem.
  17. I don't know why is that, that's where it should be welded, where everyone welds, i've never received such a bug report nor seen anyone had troubles with it, this is why im sure there must be something done wrong or maybe is some server plugin messing with welders. Try welding in that spot but from different angles and distances, tell me if it works or not
  18. Try to add in some more displacements the map will look so much cooler on its own, overall i think it's a cool concept, would look better if it was less squarewise
  19. I was looking directly where the steam is coming out and it just won't weld.I turned on the flashlight just in case i wasn't looking directly at it and switched to the welder and it won't weld.
  20. To fix the breakes you need to use the welder where steam comes from
  21. Hey RevenantGhost Your map looks really cool and i've downloaded it to try it but from your map description i am supposed to fix the train brakes with the welder,right ? But i can't,am i supposed to do something else before trying to weld the train brakes ? Thanks in advance
  22. Remove post for possible advertising?
  23. Updated 24/4/2017 -Attached new textures -Fixed navigation but still needs test -Fixed lighting -Fixed detailed brushes http://gamebanana.com/maps/195206 We will have to keep testing to find more ideas/bugs for this map but i think it works ok now.
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  25. Nice idea to make a school(I only now nms_gymnasium, but it is not actually school like that) but there are few issues: 1) Some missing textures 2) You need to work with navigation, fix stuff like this: because you can easily avoid zombie when you camping there and do other bad things, if u need help with this, I can help you 3) Need more clips, like on fence and cars: I made it with zombie 4) Compile map with normal and HDR lighting to avoid these "spots": (maybe it is too dark screenshot, I can take another one) 5) Use nodraw texture on faces, which player couldn't see, it is a good step for better performance on map 6) Why all your geometry brushes are func_detail(except brushes which closing map from void)? func_detail must be used on small brushes, which shoudn't cut vis leaves(like pillars on your map) but not on walls and ceiling, because it cause thigs like this(all map rendering, but I shouldn't see the street part and other rooms): Can't say anything about gameplay, because I was testing alone Also map need more details, like trash, small props in school and street and etc
  26. So, basically the idea spokes for itself, since lots of games have it, i think it would be a great idea to introduce undead dogs similar to runner kids, what do you think about this?
  27. Hello everyone! First of all, i am pretty new in the world of NMRIH since my experience is based on CS:GO SDK and SourceMod (more than 800 hours on that), but anyways let's introduce my map to you. - Story: You are isolated inside an abandoned and unknown school near a forest. Undead hordes can smell you from a distance and they are now approaching in order to rip your body apart, so your mission is to defend the school and survive until extraction arrives, use everything you can find to eliminate all threats that show up! - Supply: After clearing wave 6 - Defend 3 Zones (A / B / C) - New screenshots at download link Download: http://gamebanana.com/maps/195206 Hope you enjoy it! Any suggestion, bug or feedback that you find to improve this map will be appreciated, Ulreth. Update Version C 27/4/2017 - More obstacles - Ammo balance - Improved lighting - Fixed some minor bugs
  28. I've been waiting 6 years for the devs to add NPCs, whether it be police military or survivor. I've been told everytime I ask time and time again that they were coming soon. It's dead. The last update for this game was a patch 2 years ago. The devs are focused on the NMRiH 2, which will hopefully have NPCs.
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