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  3. I'm not sure what it is, but i think the lighting looks slightly off in the gun store. I think it mainly has to do with the fact that you use a light texture on a light lighting pattern, which makes the room look a lot less more light than the previous one. That's about the only real remark i could give based on these comparative screenshots. I think the other areas look a lot better (less clean). Eventhough the old one has a lot of feel to it, you can definitely tell that having more small details (but not to much) makes the level look a lot less lived out and i like that. It might be helpful to add in some displacements though, to make it look like it's more lived out. If you have any questions feel free to type them out.
  4. Added a link to the comparative screenshots.
  5. Last week
  6. Going to post this into workshop soon and i have project if people want to help to replace all nmrih to the walking dead
  7. Earlier
  8. You should include some more screenshots or some comparison shots of the old one. Being a non clingy nms scrub, i wouldn't even know what changed. If you include some old - new shots that would be dope in preferably an imgur album.
  9. Patiently waiting for new screens -snip-
  10. This is an improved version of the old map nms_gun_store_b7, authored by Porkchops4lunch. This map is liked by many players, and it can often be found on servers (there are even servers that are dedicated to this map). However, this map could have much more potential - a better level design, an atmosphere, increased difficulty, correction of some bugs (you could climb to a flower bed and kill zombies without consequences, or take items through an indoor safe.) Gun_store_v1 passed through a lot of beta-versions, which were tested by many players on my personal server, and even the Porkchops4lunch.This was for me a good experience in the development of maps, which I want to use already in the creation of my new nmo map, but if the players find some mistakes in this version or have a proposal that will like the author - will be released v2 (however, I will pay more attention to the development of my map). This version does not extend the original map, and only improves it! Special thanks to the Porkchops4lunch for having accepted to send me the source of the map and for permission to publish the created version. Main changes: - Improved level design and its change in some places of the map (for example shooting range) - Most textures have been changed to better ones - Difficulty of the map is increased - Fix bugs and glitches - The amount of ammo in the store for balance has been greatly reduced (also the flare gun was removed) - Added trap - Added soundscapes - And many other minor changes. DOWNLOAD Screenshots of the old and new version
  11. I have been playing this map for 4 years and thought you wouldnt update it any more. Now the update is finally here! Looking forward to it!
  12. Ah thanks for the heads up, i'm gonna look to change some stuff once i have the proper time to do so. I'll try to make it a little bit more easygoing in the next version, i didn't envision this map to be taken that serious though. In general they're just some left overs, but i'll try to add one last area to smirk it all up a bit and make the map a little bit more wholesome overall. I'm glad you liked it though. I'll also keep the medical supplies in mind for next update. I really appreciate the given feedback, thanks =).
  13. When to open hidden achievements? When is the next update?? I need the developer to tell
  14. It feels like a sudden difficulty increase once you blow the wall off. And it has no ways to tell the door is key required, smash required or not a doorway. It's better to have some leaks on the wall if it had to be smash-off. Overall it's great and I have put it into my server. Just hope it will have bandage and pills at the corner on the way to escape.
  15. Just put the mod folders in the "custom" folder in your nmrih directory ( nmrih/nmrih ). If you don't have custom folder, create one. Make sure it looks like this "nmrih/nmrih/custom/*name-of-the-folder-with-a-mod*"
  16. I'm still alive, after taking a break from mapping i decided to get back into it and release some of my unused parts of my older vmfs, mainly from scrapped parts from shelter. Latest stuff: https://gamebanana.com/maps/200304
  17. Sausage city, i'll remember that forever now .
  18. Looks really good, love the goggles!
  19. Is this even hl2 engine still? Delicious screens, can't wait.
  20. I'ts been 4 years in the making, it's finally in the final stages. Penitentiary. It started as a test, as I spent more time and positive feedback I decided to put blood, sweat and, tears into making this. I am finally ready to begin showing off screenshots, footage, and more. Some important stuff before you scroll down below - This map was inspired somewhat by The Walking Dead prison, however I wanted to do my own take on it (you will see some references towards that statement.) There's not much of a story to be told, you can see what events happened as you make way through the inside, and outside the penitentiary. Just know, some HORRIBLE shit went down in here.. - You can expect this map to be two parts, this map was so massive hammer sdk no longer would handle a complete compile. I simply had THAT MUCH going on, I did try to simplify it but then it took away from the atmosphere. So I guess two maps are better then one yeah? As you progress through this hell hole, it will get harder. There are side objectives to obtain some extra weaponry and help, like finding the keys for a small locker room or fixing an outage of the electricity to see everything easier again. However those won't get you far as teamwork will be absolutely the only way to win, especially...the finale objective...;) Here's the first video and update of the map, back in 2016. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iE2CytM6uL8 Now 2 years have passed, and this is the newest teaser. Note that is current build, also note objectives are hidden and this is just the very front of the map. You will soon see what it use to look like from back then, till now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pb2v5U58ytM Starting today - You will start seeing much more updates. I do plan on finishing this ONCE AND FOR ALL 2018. Check on this thread about..every week or two. You will see screenshots and work in progress. Feel free to ask questions.
  21. How do you install this?
  22. Can This Be Used In Multiplayer?
  23. Hello I am new user, running a hotel website thanku
  24. there is also a bug with visgroups (maybe not so much a bug but annoying ) when you create a new visgroup if you dont assign something to do it straight away it will self delete because its empty
  25. I think i found what was causing this. The first objective i made for the map had a somewhat bugged visgroup, that when hidden, couldnt be unhidden, and deleting the visgroup would make the objects inside it dissappear into oblivion. I just deleted that visgroup and made the objective again (i was lucky this was the easiest one to do), and by magic all the others started working. So it seems it was a problem with how Hammer handles visgroups. Edit: And that would explain why redoing all the visgroups fixed it in previous occasions.
  26. maybe nmo wasn't updated? can't say anything without checking your map (visgroups and nmos file)
  27. Im making my first map for this game (and my first public map) and ran into an issue with the objectives. I made 8 objectives for the map and linked them all up on NMRObjective.exe, and they worked fine, but later, when adding some other objectives i found that the objectives weren't working anymore. If i loaded the map, it would just say that all survivors have been extracted, and restart the round, skipping all the objectives. Since my map has no extraction point (it just extracts all the survivors when you finsh all the objectives) because i didnt make one yet i think the problem is that the game doesnt "find" the objectives, and just skips right to the extraction. The only thing that seemed to work was to erase all visgroups related to objectives and the .nmo file, then make the visgroups all over again. But im trying to find a more efficient way of dealing with this.
  28. This is the side-effect of Gene Therapy. Blind for 30 seconds. I do agree on the current screen handling method, will mislead the most newbie players that the game was glitched. I believe a fading white screen will be much better, like the flashbang in CS:GO.
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