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  4. Nice stuff sir, Glad to see some life again on these forums. If you need some playtesting, you can always hit me up. Cheers
  5. thats weird 4 hours ago I fund a nearly full server 6 players and then we becames 8 so it just depend in how lucky you are to find one
  6. If someone wanna play some NMRH with me my nickname in steam is  [501e] Pfc. Heiji Iso  and discord HEIJI VON ISOROKU#4085

  7. Do you know of an active group to play nmrh? In any case you guy wanna play my nicknamein steam is [501e] Pfc. Heiji Iso
  8. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1415154564
  9. Earlier
  10. Seriously, I've been trying for years to get the time limit achievement for cleopas. The reason it hasn't happened yet is because A) I don't usually get a good team of people and B - The map randomization and bugs fuck me over. Like, how the hell can the ladder not spawn in the alley in which you're supposed to find it in? There wasn't any! Also, why do clusters of zombies have to blockade a door, wasting time until a few of them get the stupid idea to MOVE enough so that they aren't? Why isn't the wielder more accessible, so that way people aren't fishing around trying to essentially find something that isn't as out in the open? Why is this map designed to screw me over?! Jesus christ.
  11. Hello! Does anyone know some cool Tips & Tricks for NMRIH?
  12. (Workshop Hotfix IV) Version 11: + Added dynamic difficulty system at boss battle + Added ambient music inside pyramid + Added missing trap signal near water pit + Added zombie clip near falling rock boulder + Added pharaoh effects + Extended time of dust trap to 15 seconds + Changed objective text to follow new storyline + Reduced amount of starting zombies to avoid edicts crash in nightmare
  13. Cant upload a single png or jpeg; 

    Why? =>  There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200

  14. Sorry to bother you guys, I've been playing NMRiH and looked upon the achievements I can get. I was looking for a challenge when I saw the "PTSD" achievement. I had to play 3 Objective games on nightmare difficulty. After 3 days of trying, today I finally managed to do the 3rd map. But I didn't got the achievement. I did it on the single player mode alone, I set Friendly Fire on, and the time per map to 999. Nothing else I modified. I wasn't using any mods, just 3-4 custom skins as player models. Please if you can, tell me where I was wrong. Thanks for reading.
  15. New version 4 is released (but at the moment only beta). /
  16. Office Setup at office.com/setup in easy steps, go to www.office.com/setup login with Microsoft account, put product key and activate office products. Office.com/myaccount Turbotax support Turbotax customer service Brother Printer Saying Offline Dragon Naturally Speaking Support Garmin Account Garmin Connect 123.hp.com 123.hp.com/setup www.hp.com/go/wirelessprinting
  17. Hey so i downloaded a skin mod from the steam workshop and im not sure how to enable it please help me!!!!!!!!!!
  18. It's not a bee's knee's anymore, mate. Keep finding the answer or buy personal statement and be happy and keep yourself safe
  19. Hello, Love the map on all-runners; I came across a version without boxes in the beginning - do you still have it? The new / old versions linked both have boxes - it's lot more fun to jump straight into action. Thanks
  20. [HOTFIX I] nmo_vertigo_v13 + Added ending music + Added an optional way to help others in parkour (tool_barricade) + Increased elevator button cooldown to avoid trolling + Fixed end godspot + Fixed parkour fall damage + Fixed some prop bad collisions
  21. You are the sole survivor of a group of people in your apartment block, can you fight your way through hordes of undead to escape this claustrophobic environment? Download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2051054423
  22. whenever i try to launch the game through steam, it gives an error message that failed to upadate NoMoreRoomInHell (missing execuatable) users/My_username/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/nmrih/nmrih.exe please help me to identify the problem .
  23. Workshop update - Version 11 + Added more alternative paths in maze area + Added missing clip for aerial ladder + Increased time of gas blindness + Decreased damage of aerial ladder & disabled insta-kill + Decreased stuck time in gas trap + Reduced final stone trap difficulty + Reduced edicts count + Changed some textures to fit in map theme + Fixed aerial ladder critical bug + Fixed circle trap bug + Fixed boss shadow + Fixed minor decals & textures issues in some areas
  24. community maps

    Thanks HecticMorder from AU Server. We are HKLOL Servers at Hong Kong Really Appreciated and save lots of times to test them.
  25. I don't know if it is just my computer, or something, but when ever I open it up, it says that the game has updating errors. So I have no idea what is going on. Can you guys please help me, and tell me what could be possibly go wrong. I would really appreciate it, Thanks for support!!!
  26. "Pirates are coming to take our castle! Grab your gear and head to the towers! An epic battle is coming for all of us, only one team can take the throne!" Download & Screenshots: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2040089546 >>> Subscribing automatically update & place this map in: ...\steam \steamapps\workshop\content\... Optional: - Plugin "nmrih_team_deathmatch" Features: - Defenders (BLUE) must eliminate all attackers - Attackers (RED) have to complete objectives and kill defenders - Breakable props to trigger traps - Bow and arrow as main defense weapon - Fast paced team deathmatch - Hidden special weapons - Ending cinematic *** Map created by Ulreth *** Special thanks to: + Escuadrón BATATA Server (Holy Crap, Mr Cat, Wabein, Ruso and their players)
  27. Version 3: + Added helpful text + Added NMRIH Team Deathmatch plugin support + Added ending cutscene + Added tool_welder as main weapon to push ball correctly + Changed some entities names + Removed zombies to avoid players infection + When using plugin cvar sv_difficulty should now be "classic" + Fixed extraction bug + Fixed wall shots + Fixed missing ball critical bug + Fixed explosion damage
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