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  4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a retractable dog collar? I am planning to buy one for my Beagle, he tends to be excited during our daily walk that he hurt himself using a regular leash.
  5. Update available (Version F) - 16/04/2018 - Full changelog can be found at first post or inside gamebanana link
  6. Recently,i get in some infinite ammo server "TW No.1". When i kill some zombies in that server,my achievement as The Manhattan Project or "Get ___ kills with ___" etc. are recalculated from 0. Is that the game, server or other problem? Sorry for my poor english.
  7. Update available (Version 7) - 16/04/2018 - Full changelog shown in first post
  8. Update available (version 4) - 16/04/2018 - Full changelog at first post
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  10. Update available (Version 2) - 15/04/2018 - Full changelog at first post
  11. so i just download no more room in hell on steam im click played it work then about 20 second on the title screen its exit/closed by itself i dont what the hell happening pls help i installed source sdk but its still not working,i adjusted the resolution its not working either everything is useless !! help me ppls
  12. nmo_boardwalk nmo_broadway nmo_broadway2 nmo_brooklyn nmo_cabin nmo_chinatown nmo_cleopas nmo_fema nmo_junction nmo_lakeside nmo_quarantine nmo_shelter nmo_suzhou nmo_toxteth nmo_toxtethdark nmo_underground nmo_vertigo nmo_zephyr nms_arpley nms_camilla nms_campblood nms_favela nms_flooded nms_isolated nms_midwest nms_northway nms_notld nms_operation_halloween nms_ransack nms_silence
  13. what are the official maps of nmrih? please give me a list with all official maps. broadway brooklyn chinatown cabin camp blood cleopas favela flooded isolated junction lakeside midwest night of the living dead northway ransack silence toxteth zephyr did i miss some official maps? please tell me
  14. I forgot to create an introduction yesterday. Hey guys, my name is Joy and I am the latest member of this community.
  15. Mili - RTRT For Chinese zombie song.
  16. Throw a grenade into a crowd of zombies to get them softened up, then stab them all. Alternatively, hit each of them in the face once with an uncharged fireaxe, and then stab them all.
  17. how to kick players without using call to vote? some servers dont have the option kick in call to vote but some players can ativate it, my is question how they do it?
  18. My kind of a jam to keep me productive at night. LOL
  19. Eh i decided to finish some old stuff i worked on a very long time ago, because i felt like getting out. I feel like people are getting bored of the old maps and felt the intention to create something plain and simple for people to enjoy. https://gamebanana.com/maps/199561 My intention is to finish off Shelter somewhat later this week for the upcoming patch and also finish off some old stuff before my "holiday break" ends https://imgur.com/a/GHPO8 -snip-
  20. Some objectives take more than 5 minutes to complete, so it's not a good suggestion. There was a speedrun mode and some maps have objectives that could even take up to 9 minutes, reliant on the other players
  21. Maybe plugin can it. But I think that It should not include in NMRiH. Because veteran survivor don't must die by weak player.
  22. all servers must have a rule for last survivor, if a player is alone in a public server starts a clock of 5 minutes if he/she doesnt complet any objetive in this 5 minutes begins a new round.
  23. how to get Stabbity Style and Come Get Some steam achivement? i play nmrih since 2015 and never got this achivements
  24. could you reproduce it? I've never had this problem
  25. this player cant go to the truck, the ladder dont let him. https://imgur.com/a/sbOA0
  26. Alright Let's get to the point,In some months,I created a Importation of the No More Room In Hell Beta Characters and Putted them all to the No More Room In Hell Stable Version,They are 100% Compatible,Only thing that changes is their Textures (Materials),I posted them on Gamebanana as Usual them have a Light Weight. https://gamebanana.com/skins/159580 Beta Survivors Extra:Old Animations https://gamebanana.com/dl/372338
  27. You got 2 Options Put -dxlevel 90 on steam launch ( It will become laggy) Or download this fix that remove all blood of the hands and weapons and melees,only for -dxlevel 80 Users https://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/6375
  28. Well you can Restart you Steam,or if you putted some command on nmrih launch options,delete them,and If don't work anything of that,that I said try to put on nmrih launch options -autoconfig them launch the game and exit,and delete "-autoconfig.
  29. Magic! Update (Version 5) - 04/4/2018 - Full changelog in the main post
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