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  2. looks cool cant wait to add it to my server great to see NMO maps still getting made
  3. Hay all i am giving my list of working NMO and a few are missing from this main post link some are not added to my mix of maps like hellgate or hex none of these maps in the link are made by me i'm just adding them since most map links are dead ill edit the files over time when i do more testing removing bad maps for NMO servers like nmo stairwell add me if you want me to test your maps on my server ONLY NMO https://steamcommunity.com/id/ProfileHecticMorder/ Maps: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18X4tU4Vp-3IuFOJC2cY1TeUUC9-PmSdT?usp=sharing if u think i'm missing any cool NMO maps tell me my sever map list nmo_anxiety nmo_bad_gas_3009 nmo_galleria_v13 nmo_cod_verruckt nmo_corpsington_1502 nmo_boowalk nmo_rigormortis nmo_canal_v2 nmo_genex nmo_l4d_the_sacrifice_v1 nmo_urbanhazard_v5 nmo_emergency_2807 nmo_hard_time_0802 nmo_keystone_y9v3 nmo_shelter_subterranean_a1 nmo_zephyr_v2 nmo_detroit_v3 nmo_dataplace_y9v4 nmo_facility_b5 nmo_hl2mineshaft_y9v3 nmo_hospitality_v2 nmo_khafre_v7 nmo_machetecraft_y9v2 nmo_oil_rig_v6 nmo_parish_a4 nmo_subside_v5 nmo_frostbite_b6_y9v19 nmo_ravenholm_v2 nmo_resident_evil_revelation2_v4 nmo_downtown_v1 nmo_ocwd_a1 nmo_panel_0-1-2 nmo_xmas_0-1-0 nmo_condemned_1094 nmo_miner_detour_v3 nmo_dodgeball_v5 nmo_boardwalk_v3 nmo_cold_black_b001 nmo_dimension_b1 nmo_flowingdisaster_b3_mcg_v3 nmo_ghostbuster_v1 nmo_in_the_darkv2 nmo_penitentiaryv1 nmo_hospitalhorrors_v1y9v2 nmo_runningdead_version2 nmo_ug_lab_v2 nmo_escorted nmo_gmihunt_ep1_v3 nmo_gmi_hunt_ep2_v2 nmo_gmi_hunt_ep3_v2 nmo_area_51_y9v3 nmo_oc_ea_v1g_y9v2 nmo_siteD01938_beta1 nmo_tunel_v1 nmo_toxtethdark nms_operation_halloween nms_nacht_der_untoten_v6
  4. [WiP] nmo_decay A group of test participants taking part in a classified project known as LIMB which aims to develop human-robot connection system. As a side product, neuro-interface is developed so that a chip computer can form a GUI in a person's perception and interact with I/O from his/her brain. After the testing phase goes wrong the participants tries to find a way out after the whole place melts down. In order to survive they will need to fight the infected staff and scientists along with the infection thats growing inside them. -full details coming soon- GameBanana : https://gamebanana.com/wips/48862 We're having a hard time finding playtesters and players who can provide feedback. if that is something you would be interested in then add us on steam lazrdisc | Merz Screenshots
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  6. Any of you Fallout fans looking forward to the new Fallout 76? It's not going to be your typical Fallout game, from what I understand. It's going to be multiplayer, for one. And it'll be more on the survival side of things than an RPG. I'm going to try it out for sure.
  7. please update the download link
  8. i feel alone everytime i try to play this game. i'm a veteran i started 3 years ago i think. where are the pro players? everytime i join a server and try to team with players the game always ends with me alone... they die by zombies so fast... they are noobs. I'M ALONE.
  9. v2 -Navigation fixed, thanks to Yomox9's report -Fixed missing textures for perk bottles
  10. Hardly found such a topic. Where did you go? I thought that at last I could shoot with TT-33! I agree to shoot, even with the replacement of the image from the Colt 1911 on TT-33. So please upload the file so that you can replace it with a TT! On the arms offer option. Most agree to play even with just the replacement of textures and I'm among them. So please come back. (Еле нашёл такую тему. Куда ты делся? Я подумал что наконец смогу пострелять с ТТшки! Я согласен пострелять даже с заменой изображения с кольта 1911 на ТТ-33. Так что выложи пожалуйста файл, чтоб можно было заменить на ТТ шку! По поводу оружия предложу вариант. Большинство согласно поиграть даже только с заменой текстур и я в их числе. Поэтому пожалуйста вернись.) Pistols: Glock17 - Makarov Pistol Upgraded (PMM) (Пистолет Макарова Модернизированный (ПММ)) (Much better); Walter p - 38 Bretta M92FS - Stechkin automatic pistol (Автоматический пистолет Стечкина) Or Mauser C - 96 M1911 - TT33 Tokarev (Пистолет ТТ) SW686 - Revolver Nagant (Револьвер Наган) Ruger Mark III .22 - Luger P-08 Parabellum (Люгер Парабелум) German pistol ww2 Rifles: (Винтовки) Sako 85 - Mosin's sniper rifle (Снайперская Винтовка Мосина) Or Karabiner - 98 (K-98) AE 700 - Barett M 107 Submachine gun: Heckler&Koch MP5A4 - MP-40; OR PPSH - 41; OR PPS-43; OR Thompson gun; (ППШ - 41; ППС - 43; Пистолет пулемёт Томпсона) Ingram Mac - 10 - Uzi 9mm Assault Rifles: FN FAL - STG 44 CZ 858 - AK 47/АК 74 Melee: (ближний бой) Machete - Sickle (серп) Kitchen Knife - AKM/AK74 6x4 Bayonet (штык нож) SludgeHammer - German machine gun MG 42/MG 34 (for laughter) (Немецкий пулемёт мг 42 или мг 34) (для смеха) Chainsaw - rusty saw (ржавая пила) Saw - rusty saw in blood (ржавая пила но с кровью) Fireaxe - rusty Fireaxe Crowbar -the same with rust and blood (то же самое но с ржавчиной и кровью) Fists - boxing gloves or bikeк gloves (боксёрские перчатки или байкерские перчатки) Shovel - Shovel in insulating tape (в изоленте) Baseball bat - Baseball bat Baseball bat with barbed wire and nails (Бейсбольная бита с колючей проволокой и гвоздями) FUBAR - Hmm? ;3 Lead Piper - Lead Piper in insulating tape (свинцовая труба в изоленте) Pipe Wrench - maybe green or black color... E-Tool - same or green (war) color Tools: Welder - same Barricade hammer - Hammer. ._. Maglite - Maglite ofcourse, With some sleeves. :3 Lighter - Same thing above. Fire Extinguisher - same Flare Gun - Flare Gun SPSH 44 (ракетница спш 44) Explosives: Grenade - F1 Grenade Molotov - Vodka Molotov TNT - dynamite (динамитная шашка)
  11. You know, I'm a huge fan of this game, but playing with same weapons, same maps over and over is getting me bored. I play this game since 2012 i think, and thru all this time i was collecting weapon addons and other fixes for this game. Some of this were made myself, some of them i downloaded here, on this forum, some of them were requested by me, and only I have it. And today, I'm going to share all addons i have for this game. The impulse to this was the fact, that my friend Templar recently made 5 more models for me, then i polished them, and ready to upload. But i also have some old addons, such as AK47, p345, silenced mac10. I had them for a while, they were made by local nmrih community member - Demo aka CougarMagnum. He allowed me to upload them to public, but i did not then, it was almost 1 year ago. Now when i got even more skins, and probably I'm not going to make or request more, here it is. The biggest addon pack for nmrih of all time. But not to waste your time, just see this video demonstation i'v done for you today: https://youtu.be/uAO5VaKl0Iw most of, and best of addons I have is shown here. Link to download bellow. Have a good time "mowing em down" with brand new weapons, if I ever have more good stuff to upload I will do so in this thread. http://www.mediafire.com/file/zwcekak4ro83wec/Flammable+NMRiH+Addon+pack+2018.rar
  12. Introduction: All that Time that I was playing No More Room In Hell,I saw that Baseball Bat...And Everyone picked a Good Melee Weapon Like a,Sledgehammer,Machete and Even Fireaxe,I had Two Choices,Pick the Baseball Bat,or Go with the Bare Hands trying you luck to not get the Flu/Virus,I choose the First Option,Picking that Bat. But on the Time I Saw that...Texture,and Model,And even the Damage,The Damage is Like: Quick Attack= 2 or 3 Hits on the Head,Heavy/Powered/Charged Attack= 1/2,Depends of the time that You I'll maintain you Bat charged. So Imagine you "The Player" Only You,On a map,let's do a Supposition,Nmo_suzho,You are at the Final,You have the Baseball Bat,And there's a Lot of Runners and Kids,Comin' for you (Veridical),And them You get Nervous because You have Only a Bat,That isn't Big Thing,And You kill 2/3 Runners and 2 kids,But them the Runners do a Huge Group and Kill you. The Delay when you attack with Baseball Bat,Is kinda High,The Damage,Is low,Even if you try to do Charged Attack,And Sometimes the Hint Doesn't Count. My Idea: Well It's Simple,I suggest for the "Last Update" For No More Room In Hell,New Baseball Bat Variants,Wood Bat,with Metal Bat,By the way (I think that already have a Metal Bat,I guess it's default,Ugh,I don't know,Doesn't look's like it's metal or something",And a Survival Bat ones,With Barbed Wire for Example,Here are Some Stats about this: Wood Bat (Common),Can be Found Easily on the Start of the Map: On the Head of the Zonbie: Medium Damage,1/2 Hits,That's the Quick Attack,Power Attack,1 Hit only on the Head,*Depends of the Zombie and Time that you Gonna charge the Bat"... Spawn Rate: 54% Metal Bat (Not So Common *Uncommon) On the Head of the Zombie: Above Average,1/2 Hits,That's the Quick Attack,Power Attack,1 Hit only the head,*depends of the zombie and time that you gonna charge the Bat".Spawn rate: 32% Modified Bat (With Barbed Wire or Something): High Damage,1 Hit,That's the Power attack,2 Hits on the head,Quick Attack. Spawn Rate: 12 (just like the Chainsaw spawn rate). Gallery: Wood Baseball Bat: (Random Wood Bat Taken from the Google) Metal Bat: Modified Baseball Bat (Yeah,That's Lucille)
  13. Agree with last comment
  14. Thank you for the cool video. This stream is very inspiring to pump your skills. It's good that everything can be seen in detail and in detail here, since I need to study practice. Tell me where did you start? How did you come to the level that you own today? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if you write my paper you would be my hero
  15. please fix map nmo_vertigo everytime players go nmo_vertigo all servers crash
  16. Another Nice. Added to my Server
  17. Nice map added to my Servers
  18. I found a player in the official casual server that interferes with the progression of the objective and kills other players. I would like to record and report the player, but where can I report it? Before that, I do not know the rules when playing on an official server. Where is it written? First of all I would like to check the rule and check if his play (such as throwing away items that are necessary for objective advancement ... etc ...) is contrary to the rule. Please tell me if anyone knows.
  19. I used to not like servers with that function tbh, but in so many occasions i've seen a 6+ players server emptying out because people don't wanna beat it 2, 3, 4 times in a row and wait for the 1 hour rotation time that i think its necessary now. Not allowing expectators to start votes should prevent most of the trolling / impatient kids. A good alternative would be to automatically change map if the map is beaten. Reducing rotation time to 40 mins, or 35 mins could also improve activity on the servers I'm guessing you're not an admin tho so it probably won't be changed haha, but thanks for reply!
  20. Update (Version 6) - 16/5/2018 - Full changelog inside gamebanana link
  21. I decided to drop this here for ethic reasons to show off my mapper's progress from start to end: Mapping related stuff:Progress map 1 (nmo_abandonment ):http://imgur.com/a/gYUw9 http://imgur.com/a/BIHN0 http://imgur.com/a/HfQxc http://imgur.com/a/kydrw http://imgur.com/a/mf5Ri http://imgur.com/a/OZbT0 http://imgur.com/a/YsyMu https://imgur.com/a/dslbN (29/01/2018)Progress map 2 (nmo_shelter):http://imgur.com/Yu50D1L http://imgur.com/a/6Isrj http://imgur.com/a/qzTz8 http://imgur.com/a/pXlwt http://imgur.com/a/NOkOg http://imgur.com/a/SZAtV http://imgur.com/a/tEbYW http://imgur.com/a/7wkAR https://imgur.com/a/5w3gT https://imgur.com/a/egxW9 https://imgur.com/a/kcMwx https://imgur.com/a/TalDu https://imgur.com/a/BdV3p https://imgur.com/a/YR8jJ https://imgur.com/a/sEikN Progress map 3 nmo_parishhttp://imgur.com/a/AFFLY https://imgur.com/a/0BwcR https://imgur.com/a/T9QNp https://imgur.com/a/wRDhK https://imgur.com/a/GHPO8 https://imgur.com/a/Nqs8j90 (30/04/2018)Progress map 4 nmo_despairhttps://imgur.com/a/NkX9h
  22. iirc that was disabled due to abuse.
  23. Im not the admin of those servers, i posted here cause maybe i can reach someone who can do those changes, since they're official servers. Thanks tho!
  24. "sv_vote_allow_spectators" = "0" game - Allow spectators to vote? "sv_vote_issue_changelevel_allowed" = "1" game replicated - Can players call votes to change level? "sv_vote_allow_dead_call_vote" = "0" game replicated - Can players call votes when dead (does not affect nextlevel)
  25. I've made a thread about this issue here about 1.5 years ago with no success So giving it another shot I love the Official servers Classic and Nightmare configs, but currently the map only changes after 1 hour no matter what, so if we beat the map in 20 minutes we'll have to wait another 40 mins for it to change and this is causing most people to leave the servers, keeping them empty most of the time! Currently we can only Set Next Map. Two changes would improve the servers greatly: 1 - Add Change Map voting function 2 - (Important) Disallow spectators to cast Change Map votes, as this could ruin the servers, some people who die might wanna exploit this. So if anyone here has admin on those servers, or can get in touch with someone who has, if you could help get those things implemented it would be awesome! Thanks!
  26. Glass Valley - PvP Last Man Standing Enter this giant glass arena and eliminate your opponents using everything you can find, trick your enemies using bouncing grenades or destroy some parts of this level to survive, there can be only one winner in this bloody match! Download & Screenshots: https://gamebanana.com/maps/199844 Features: - Tons of grenades - Breakable floor - Last man standing rounds - Special weapons & items - No zombies - Ending cinematic Version 1 - 2/05/2018 * Map created by Ulreth *
  27. Updated nmo_parish from alpha version 2 to alpha version 3 check https://gamebanana.com/maps/198207 for updates
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