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  2. Your suggestions are "special"
  3. Joke? Why no, I would actually love these gamemodes to become real ones, why how people will enjoy the Korean Mode concept. I am quite serious about this.
  4. i dont like play online so much. When i press "create server" in main menu . i did press play then crash. How to play offline or single player ? its crashing completely to desktop System; E7500 ▬ DualCore 3.6ghz (oc) 2GB ▬ Ram HD3450 ▬ 512MB Graphic card p5g41t l mx ▬ Motherboard
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  6. I'm gonna take this as a joke thread, if no one minds
  7. Last week
  8. That's looking pretty cool. I really, really like the whole look of the tearing part. A nice visceral design that appears straining and effortless all at once. With the clenched teeth baring jaw coupled with almost apathetic disinterest shown by the wolf who is staring in another direction, like it ain't no thang. Funnily enough I was actually thinking a scene that I always remembered and enjoyed from An American Werewolf in Paris, which I checked on Youtube and I totally remebered it wrong. In my mind there was always a scene where the hero werewolf grabbed the antagonist (in human form) on the shoulders then pulled him apart, splitting him down the middle like some kind of autopsy/banana peel scene and ate his heart whilst it was still suspended in the air. TURNS OUT THAT NEVER HAPPENS IN THE FILM, but it's an image that I have always associated with at movie, but I guess I must have made it up and kind of associated it somehow? Since no one else did it (apparently) You can use that in your comic story book... as long as you quote me and give me all the moneys. It's cool that you're keeping calm and losing some anger (not that I have seen it) I wish you all the best. I kind of forced myself to hide my anger whenever I'm in a public setting (work, nights out whatever) a few months ago. I still get frustrated and roll my eyes at stuff, but now stupid things that would always enfuriate me I am finding much easier to bursh off and laugh at rather than go into some angry outburst...I've been constantly vomiting blood since I started but I reckon that's what they call progress. I've not smoked since mid December. SUPER stressed as a result, to the point where it is impacting my verbal and written communication (vocabulary and grammar suffering tremendously) The stress is making it hard to get the words out correctly. *I actually went back to edit this because my initial attempt was completely nonsensical (as opposed to my mildly nonsensical brand) Anywho. Music!
  9. Do you approve?


  10. I will continue to update ideas for new gamemodes so don't worry if there's not enough innovative game modes and game concepts for NMRIH.
  11. 1. I will call this mode. Korean mode. In this mode you play an average map, except there's zero items and you can only use lighter or fists, there are 5x as many zombies in the map, also they are all runners or children. Also you die in one hit. It's supposed to please the true pros of gaming, people who play bullet hell games a lot, and Koreans that play video games to test their honor. Also when rescue comes, you only have 2 seconds to get there or else rescue is gone. The survival mode will be the same except -FEMA bags now are removed, all items are removed, lighters are removed, first wave will consist of 2500 zombies and multiply by 1000 x the amount of zombies the previous round, into the next one. Zombies will take around 17 million punches to kill, and all zombies have 9 lives. This also is for objective and survival and every map mode. National guard zombies will have guns, shoot you and throw grenades everywhere, also the every runner zombie in Korean Mode will be the National Guard. When you die in Korean Mode, it will quit you out of the game, uninstall it, implement a very severe computer virus on your computer, and last it will explode the computer. Then after that, your Korean dad will charge at you with a Kantana and beat the shit out of you for bring dishonor to your family. Even in gaming. 2. This is more envoirmental and less gameplay. It should be called More Room In Hell. This Gamemode will consist of a player except there are no zombies, and all zombies will be replaced with civilian NPCs. All maps will be restored into a pre apocalyptic event, you will see police driving cars, people walking, eating in diners, and a functional subway system. Except in the FEMA map, you will be locked in your cell, and all you will see is national gaurd soldiers patrolling and office workers. Also Phalanx pills will be replaced with LSD or PCP. gene therapy with heroin, and bandages are mummy linen. Medkits are replaced will balls of yarn and some needles. 3. Lastly is what I call Too Much Room In Hell. You spawn in a pre apocalyptic map, you stock up on guns. Then you start shooting random civilians then the police then the national guard will try to stop you. You start slaughtering everything, and while you take LSD pills then you get a short flash where everything in converted to original NMRIH for a split second then you are back killing people. When you die you go to hell. Where there's a giant devil shooting infinite fireballs at you while you run, and in the background you see dancing zombies around the devil. Then a bunch of flying demons will dress like NMRIH staff and grab ban hammers and chase you around forever. If you get hit, you get kicked from the game for 20 years.
  12. I have recently encountered an issue myself about this and I was getting very annoyed. I tried to see if there were any solutions but I could not find one. I found this thread though and have decided to make a new thread with the fix here. To fix this issue. Try 1 of the following. > Create a new folder, save the .vmf in there and compile. > Locate to a new drive, save it there. >Save it in a different location to where it is currently saved Thread - I run NmrIh from library and I choose Hammer. I create simple box (to stand on) I add info_player_nmrih for spawn point I seal place up with bigger box (hollow) with no draw texture. I ensure there's no leaks (load pointfile) and there's no red lines. But when I try to compile map it gives me this error: ** Executing... ** Command: Copy File ** Parameters: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\nmrih\nmrih\maps\mine mission.bsp" "..\..\nmrih\maps\mine mission.bsp" The command failed. Windows reported the error: "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process." What am I doing wrong? I wanna get started mapp for NmrIh got experience from Alien swarm Hammer and I can't proceed because of this error. Thanks for help. Edited November 21, 2013 by enex
  13. ops wrong post.. somehow idk how really wish i could delite this .
  14. well i got AMD FX-8350 black edition and XFX Readon r9 290 4gb and yes it happens every time.. it is getting on my nerves that when i wanna close the game it just gives me a black screen i will try the commands now.. and report back if they work or not
  15. sorry not the best at writing.. but i have this issue where when i try to close the game, alt tab or even ctrl alt delite i get black screen that i cant close by any means.. exept hold my powerbutton in til my pc shuts down... any solution?
  16. Continuing my journey inward, tryin to understand myself (and my motivations) better, in hopes of becoming who i feel i am intended to be, one step at a time. Tryin to be patient with others, despite how hard they make it some times. Trying to listen to more shit that keeps me calm, I still enjoy metal, but it's use as a cathartic device is dulling over time, my anger along with it. Almost done with my personal project, ya'll might dig it. A lil hybrid book/comic book, this particular one is a story about infidelity and werewolves(...not infidelity amongst werewolves though).
  17. I saw this on reddit, it was called The 12 Commandments of Not Dying in NMRIH. Then since the devs had worked out the game, know almost or exactly how the game works. How useful would these set of rules prove to be in a objective, or a survival match. This is a link. https://www.reddit.com/r/nmrih/comments/1q9jpp/the_12_commandments_of_not_dying/
  18. Well your rank says infected, you better go use right now.
  19. 1. This is biased which I don't really care about, but what you said is unfair. I am 12 years old, but I know the values of teamwork and cooperation. I scavenge and stockpile survival areas for other players, I always give people weapons or medical aid when they need it, I always aid a person in an dark area when I use a flashlight, I never take more than I need, I offer people a gun if I have more than one, and conserve the ammo I have. I can kill at least 120 zombies with a pick axe, I know how to play this game. I would say I'm a responsible NMRIH player. So then why would you call everyone that has the age range of 10-14 all complete shitheads? Why would you want to penalize everyone that is within that age group, even the useful ones? Has it occurred that people over the age of 14 sometimes are shitheads? Fine I agree it is hard to play with foreign speakers, the Ping is pretty bad. Don't call everyone with that age group a cretin. There are millions or a billion kids that are ranged 10-14 maybe a few thousand play NMRIH. Won't it be likely that not everyone in that age has the same mindset, intelligence, idealism, personality?
  20. Zombie HP Plugin Hello everyone, I'm looking for a couple of days after the plugin but unfortunately without success. Do you know where exactly I get it. Would be really cool who you write it in the comments. Thank you in advance
  21. Earlier
  22. They're all dead, probably. They've actually turned into zombies. I've been playing some Resident Evil Outbreak online recently. These two games are actually very similar.
  23. v11 update: -Fixed the trigger glitch (all turrets, mines and big pills etc are working now) -Added Monkey Bomb -Added powerups (very rare spawn tho) -Added npc easter eggs -Optimization -Credits room
  24. Some stuff is ready but is not being released (intentionally i suppose), wonder why
  25. In the year 2375
  26. why are u using this?
  27. As the title said , it said "File not found"
  28. Created a profile just to comment on this. You really should release at least some of the content, the parts that you consider the most polished. I'd really love to use the hands and especially your TT-33. Hope you didn't abandon this or something.
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